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Janet Roach Explains Why She Almost Quit RHOMelbourne

After an explosive first season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Janet Roach explains why she almost didn't return for Season 2. The 56-year-old property developer says she didn't think she could continue to balance the reality show with her business and caring for her son Jake who was badly burned in a house fire three years ago.

"I was really having issues just getting him back into life," she said.

"After the operations he was getting better, but the reality was daunting when you've got to deal with the psychological aspects of it."

But Roach realized the exposure of the cameras was something she could use for a good cause. She and Jake decided to start their own foundation to help fund reconstructive surgery for burns victims. They have launched a website selling their own brand of herbal teas, Raw Essentials, to help fund the charity, reports the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Jake will also appear on the show for the first time in the Foxtel reality show.

"It's very confronting for him. He hadn't seen himself on camera," she said. "I didn't know if he was going to come or not, but he did come. It was amazing.

"You could give me $10 million or $100 million but it wouldn't be worth to me what I got out of the show. I got my child back interested in life so I'm really thrilled."

Photo Credit: Foxtel