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Brandi Glanville Says She's NOT Coming In Between Kim Richards And Kyle Richards' Relationship

Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Brandi explains her friendship with Kim and thinks a couple of the other ladies need to stop "clutching their pearls" at every moment. Brandi writes:

"Hello Everyone,

I’m in NYC tonight and running crazy. Hope you enjoyed Part One of our soap opera.
Drama, drama, drama…

I’m feeling a little snappish (go figure) but will try to take the high road.

We begin with Yolanda prepping for her trip to Italy with her husband, David. Yo is rightfully proud of his charitable efforts and his being present at the events, not just as a figurehead. I love Andrea Bocelli and Italy, so it was a bit envy-inducing. We also see her with her son Anwar, who is an adorable and a very sweet young man.

Another adorable young man is seen next, Max Todd. We see his broaching the topic of his curiosity about his cultural heritage and his birth parents. He’s 22 years old, so I guess that’s his decision. I completely support adopted adults seeking their DNA and medical histories. It’s important, and I wish him well in whatever he chooses.

We move on to Kyle visiting Kim at her house a few days after Kim was recuperating from being released from her week in the hospital. Kyle asks her sister why she was in the hospital. There. I will leave it at that. She doesn’t even know WHY her sister was in the hospital more than a week later. It was a hernia, fractured rib, and disc issues--very serious and very painful injuries and medical issues for a single woman over 40.

Here are some of Kim’s quotes to Kyle that speak to their meeting better then I can: “I don’t need FAKE support,” “I consider her (me) one of my closest friends,” and “She’s there for me, you’re not.”

I am a ride or die friend. Always have been, always will be--to my REAL, TRUE friends. Everyone who knows me knows it. I’m never changing that.

I am here for Kim now and was then. Her relationship with her sister is their own, I’m not between them, I don’t want to be. However, I might be somewhere “between” Kyle’s publicized version of herself as a sister and the truth.

The party is next, a party that you see I was invited to by Kyle, Kim, and my friend Mark, but I honestly did not want to go at all. I told Kim I thought it was a bad idea, but she insisted that Kyle was going to play nice and not cause a scene.

My close friend and amazing hair stylist, Mark Hasche, and I planned to ride with Kim. I wouldn’t have gone, but Mark was newly single and very depressed, so I felt like I should go to try and cheer him up. We arrived to a quiet party, but, that doesn’t last. The hostess, Kyle, immediately changes the party theme from “gayiety” to outrage.

We see that everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, had to hear how upset she was. She made the circuit, turning every conversation to her drama. Not exactly my idea of a hostess making her guests feel comfortable.

It might have been better to keep things to herself, not make a big deal, and make sure everyone had a great, comfortable time, but, no, it was all about Kyle, as it always has to be.

I gave her a hug hello, a smile, and said nothing about anything, because I really wanted a calm night. Later when Kyle bee-lined over to me with the fake apology I accepted it--twice--quietly. But we all know it was just an insincere opening to begin her angry confrontation and cause a giant scene.

I find it amazing--really amazing--that she ran around to a dozen people saying I would cause a scene right before she came over yelling, arguing, making accusations, and making an ass of herself. She was also throwing a quite a few loud F-bombs (I hope Eileen's ears were plugged). Whatever happened to Kyle’s fake ladylike shock of the F-bomb? Oh yeah, there was one more, as she towered over Kim who was sitting down, yelling "F-- you" for the whole mixer.

On that front, I think we all hope that some of the ladies start doing something interesting soon, because our two resident Gladys Kravitzs tittering and clutching their pearls in mock horror at me is kind of boring.

Anyway, to be continued…

Hope you are all happy and well, and a big shout-out to Yolanda who returned from Asia this week. Love you Yo! Hope you’re getting better and stronger.

Hitting the town with my friends in NYC."

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo