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Eileen Davidson On Being A Stepmom: This Experience Has Made My Life Better In So Many Ways

Eileen Davidson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eileen talks about the challenging and rewarding aspects of being a stepmom. Eileen writes:

"NFL playoffs on a rainy SoCal day. It's the perfect time to do a little blogging!

Watching Kyle and Yolanda send their girls off to college was killing me. Sending our boys off into the world was so difficult, I can't imagine having daughters leave the nest. They are both great mothers, and it seems their girls are intelligent, level-headed young women, although that probably doesn't make it too much easier. How proud those parents all must be! And Mauricio. OMG. What a fantastic and emotionally available man he is! Breaking my heart! Love them all....

Lisa V. talking to Max really brings it home that parenting doesn't end once your child is a certain age. The concern really does go on forever. We all want our kids to succeed and have happy lives. Lisa V. wasn't kidding when she said, "A mother is only as happy as her saddest child." I wish Max the best. We have so much respect for him working his way up in the restaurant business. With such terrific parents, we think he's going to do great!

I love that Lisa R. is still doing those voice exercises! I remember doing those all the time when I was first studying acting, and I was trying to get rid of my SoCal Valley voice. I'm not sure how well that worked for me, though! LOL! Vinny says I mumble. Hmm. I might have to ask Lisa R. for a refresher course. Seeing Lisa R. and Harry together is always fun. I love those two. What a great match!

I'm sorry that Brandi is going through all that drama with her ex. I hope they can come to some kind of peace. For all their sakes.

I love my boys! Husband, son, stepsons, and their friends! I meant it when I said it is a very different experience being a stepmom. More challenging (in a different way) from raising your biological children. But it is so incredibly rewarding. Both Duke and Vinny Jr. have brought so much to my life. The Mother's Day cards I've received from them over the years and the things they've written in them always make me cry. I am so proud of them. I'm in awe of them. Two intelligent, sensitive, incredibly handsome, talented, caring young men. They have taught me so much about parenting and love. And so much more. I never would have known how amazing being a stepmom is if it weren't for them. The boys' mom, Betsy Russell, has been absolutely incredible. We've had challenging times, because of our different parenting styles, but we've worked together to raise these boys and have become good friends in the process. This experience has made my life better in so many ways. I can only hope I've given them just a little bit of what they've given me."

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Photo Credit: Bravo