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Exclusive: Move Over Lynne Curtin – Eric Goldie’s Got Your Wrists Covered!

Our friend and frequent guest blogger, Jim K had the opportunity once again to interview Eric Goldie. Last time we interviewed Eric, he dishes about The Real Housewives of New York City, his boss Carole Radziwill and about his career. This time, he is spilling all the tea about his amazing new jewelry line. Read the full interview below!

Interview by Jim K.

Welcome back to, Eric! I hear you have some exciting news, but first, let’s talk about #RHONY for a bit. Last season’s finale definitely left me with my leg, I mean jaw, on the floor.

Jim: What was your favorite scene from last season?

Eric: My favorite scene that I was a part of would have probably been the party planning scene with Heather. I warned her before we filmed that Carole wanted this elaborate 50th birthday but Heather seemed confident she could take it on. Once Carole mentioned snake handler, we knew we were screwed so Heather had to bring in the big guns. My favorite scene overall would have been anything with Heather and Carole. Their friendship is just as genuine when the cameras stop rolling.

Jim: What is Princess Carole up to these days? Is she working any projects, books, TV shows, etc...?

Eric: We recently suffered a tragic loss after Carole's housekeeper axed down her fiddle fig tree with a kitchen knife - George Washing style. Luckily, Carole is busy filming Season 7 of #RHONY, so that's been keeping her mind off of the tree for now.

Jim: And now to your big announcement! In true Bravo style, I hear you launched a jewelry line. What is it called?

Eric: I did! It's actually been around for a while now, but just recently gaining more attention. It's called Oxford Ivy - named after the town I went to college in.

Jim: What made you decide to get into the jewelry business?

Eric: My dad is a 5th generation jeweler and it's been a family business since 1912 with my great grandfather. I majored in business at Miami University and decided the best way to learn about business, was to start my own. So long story short, this is how Oxford Ivy came to be.

Jim: Who was your bigger inspiration: Countess LuAnn and her chunky necklaces or Lynne Curtin and her cuffs?

Eric: Was David Yurman ever a housewife? I'm going to go with David Yurman.

Jim: Is there website for your company or where can people purchase your pieces?

Eric: Yes! The jewelry is available at:, and you can also find them on and And from now through Thanksgiving, if you shop on you can get 15% off all men's jewelry with the promo code ERIC15.

Jim: As always, it’s been a pleasure, Eric!  Mazel on the jewelry line and please keep us posted on any tea from #RHONY Season 7!  Y’all head over on to and get a jump start on your holiday shopping! Follow Jim K on Twitter: 

Follow Eric Goldie on Twitter: 

Reminder: You have till Thanksgiving Day to get 15% off all men's jewelry by using the promo code ERIC15, so start shopping by clicking HERE!

Photos Credit: Eric Goldie,

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