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Goldie, Uncorked! iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Eric Goldie

Our guest blogger Jim K recently had the opportunity to interview Eric Goldie, who’s mostly known for being Carole Raziwill’s assistant and also seen on The Real Housewives of New York City! They dished about his career, upcoming projects, his thoughts on #BookGate, what it is like working for Carole Radziwill and more exclusively to Read the full interview below!

Interview by Jim K.

Jim: Welcome to, Eric!  For those who do not know much about you, please tell us a little bit about yourself.  

Eric: Thank you for the warm welcome! Well…what is there to tell? I grew up in a small city outside of Cleveland, where everyone knew everyone and everyone knew everything about everyone.  It was such a fun small, suburban town. I went to Miami University, often mistaken with University of Miami in Florida. It was really similar except it was in Ohio, there were no beaches, and it was located in the middle cornfields. I always knew I wanted to live in New York so I started interning over the summer for different production companies. I thought I wanted to work in theater production, but soon I realized that television was more up my alley.

Jim: From Broadway to working with a Bravoleb – you’re moving on up.  Maybe you should change your last name to Jefferson.  So, what you are saying is you are Amish and went to New York for your rumspringa and never returned to the farm?  Mazel! I did the same, but replace New York with California and I did come back. #amishproblems

Eric: I guess you can say I “broke Amish.”

Jim: How did you end up working with Princess Carole Radziwill?

Eric: Funny story actually. I met Carole outside of a bar downtown. We started talking for a bit after my friends recognized her from the show and then we decided to take a picture together. Later on I sent her a tweet telling her how nice it was to meet her and she tweeted me back that she was looking for an assistant to help her with her social media. The rest is history!

Photo Credit: Twitter/Eric Goldie

Jim: What was the craziest question she asked during your interview?

Eric: “Do you know how to use a P-Touch label maker?” It wasn’t weird that she asked me that, but it was weird to see how much she LOVED her P-Touch. She really does use it for everything around her house. Her entire closet, kitchen cabinets, everything is labeled! So organized.

Jim: Describe Carole in 3 words.

Eric: Inspiring, kind, and motivated.

Jim: What is the best thing about working with Carole?

Eric: I think that the best thing about working with Carole is having the opportunity to listen and learn. I feel like I’m the kind of person who never stops talking, but somehow Carole just makes me shut up and listen. I love hearing her stories about when she was a news producer and traveled the world. It’s really something I can look up to. I could come to her with any problem and she somehow figures out a solution. She’s experienced so much throughout her life and always puts my problems into perspective.

Jim: What is the worst thing, aside from being in charge of opening wine bottles?

Eric: Carole bought a Fiddle Fig from Miami last year and it went into shock because of the climate change. So…to make the tree feel more “at home” she keeps her apartment at 80 degrees.

Photo Credit: Carole Radziwill

Jim: What is one thing that you can tell us that people will be surprised to know about Carole?

Eric: Carole is an expert at packing a suitcase. I watched her pack for a trip a few weeks ago; apparently, it’s all about plastic.

Jim: Maybe Carole can offer a class #packingbybravo for the other Housewives.  What are your thoughts on Aviva vs. Carole's #BookGate fight?

Eric: I know how hard Carole worked to build a career for herself. When I see how passionate she is about her writing it upsets me to see anyone belittle it.

Jim: Were you surprised that Aviva accused Carole of using a ghostwriter?

Eric: Not really. Seeing Carole’s success and her achievements as a journalist and a writer, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some people would try to discredit her. I was surprised that she attacked her family and ridiculed her age.

Jim: What exactly was the Twitter Scandal that started the #FreeGoldie campaign?

Eric: Ohhhh boy…here we go. Long story short: After I was on the show, people decided to dig 5 years back through thousands of my old tweets. Unfortunately when I was 18, I said some things that were extremely inappropriate. I had no following back then and had no intention to hurt anyone. It’s something that I regret every day because that is not the person that I am, nor the person that I was. My entire timeline is filled with jokes…mainly about myself! These people took screen shots of my tweets and sent them to some tabloids. I was called vile, a bigot, and sent threatening messages. So I stopped tweeting about anything Bravo-related which to my surprise sparked a mini twitter campaign called #FreeGoldie. There were rumors circulating that Bravo executives were holding me hostage in Andy’s clubhouse! Ultimately I decided it would be a good idea to protect myself and stay away from all of the negative energy. In the end, I felt bad that my actions may have reflected poorly on Carole because she had nothing to do with it. But as she always says, ‘this too shall pass.’

Jim: We all do dumb things when we are young.  I was legitimately concerned when you disappeared and thought Carole had you locked in her basement.  Now we know the truth – you were on an IV drip for dehydration singing “Hot in Here” because 80 degree apartments in New York…. 

Jim: So we can put this to rest once and for all, who really shot JR, I mean killed @thebravoholic?

Eric: I’m not exactly sure what happened with this “scandal.” Can we call it a scandal? I’m going to call it a scandal. However, what I realized after the fact was how passionate the Bravo fans are, and that is what makes Bravo such a powerful network. I was happy to see that some fans even joined together to create their own Bravoholic account called @Bravoholclique. Bravo has such a strong connection with the fans, so I’m happy to see the legacy of the Bravoholic live on.

Jim: As a recovering Bravoholic, I can validate that Bravo probably has the most loyal fans of any cable network.  PS – the streets are saying it was Jill Zarin who broke into the account. Personally, I think it was Milania.  She’s a mastermind that little one.  

Eric: Oh boy. What street is that? I want to avoid it.

Jim: Peachtree Street, of course.  Oh wait, wrong city.   Any future projects that you are working on that you can share with us?

Eric: I’m working on getting Carole’s apartment down to a reasonable temperature. I’ll settle for anything below 75 degrees at this point.

Jim: Eric, it was a pleasure getting to know more about you and how you ended up working with America’s Princess.  I look forward to seeing you on #RHONY and cannot wait for the shi…um, I mean leg, to hit the fan! 

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