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Scheana Marie And Michael Shay Talk Prenup, Wedding, Vanderpump Rules Season 3 And Future Reality TV Projects!

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie married boyfriend Michael Shay on July 27 and recently  Radar Online exclusively interviewed the newlyweds  — who reveal they have no prenup, and they plan to do more reality TV together!

“No way!” Scheana replied when asked if the couple decided on a prenup.

And when asked if they see more reality TV in their future together, Scheana said, “Well let’s hope so. I’m not ready for all this to end!”

But don’t expect a spin-off any time soon.

“Never say never,” Scheana said. “However, unless it was super interesting with a great cast, I wouldn’t want the sole responsibility of being the entertainment on a show.”

Following their Santa Susana, Calif. nuptials, the couple hopped a plane and headed to Maui for their honeymoon, which photographs surfaced online a few weeks ago.

“It was our first choice,” Scheana said of the beautiful island.

“I’ve never been and always wanted to go! I don’t wanna come back home!”

As expected, numerous fellow reality TV stars attended their wedding, but fans will have to wait for the next season of Vanderpump Rules to find out about the drama that went down.

“There was definitely some crazy but you’ll have to wait and watch that next season!” Scheana said.

“A lot went wrong at the reception that isn’t completely laughable yet — but at the end of the day it was absolutely beautiful and we were so fortunate to have such a special day with our families!”

As for a family, Scheana and Shay say there is “plenty of time for kids in the future” but for now they’re happy together.

And just because they’re on reality TV, doesn’t mean they don’t indulge themselves — Scheana tells Radar her favorite reality TV show is Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Photo Credit:: OK Magazine