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PHOTOS: Scheana Marie And Michael Shay's Romantic Honeymoon In Maui!

Scheana Marie's $100k wedding was a dream come true, but the honeymoon that followed was even better. The Vanderpump Rules reality star was thoroughly enjoying her newlywed status with hubby Michael Shay while they strolled and kissed along a scenic beach on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

The reality star donned a black string bikini that showed off her deep, dark tan and the top of a tattoo around her lower abdomen and another one on her side. With her dampened, waist-length hair flowing and large-framed shades covering her eyes, not to mention that belly piercing, Scheana looked every inch the Hawaiian bombshell.  Scheana and her new husband, 27, stopped at one point to hug and make out right there on the shore, with the petite bride standing on the tips of her toes.

Scheana showed off her shapely figure in a black string bathing suit while new husband Michael opted for a tank top and flowered swimming trunks

Scheana took to Twitter to let followers in on her honeymoon bliss, and one picture showed her smiling and cheek-to-cheek with her groom. 'So in love!' the bride tweeted. She followed up by gushing: 'This weekend I married my best friend! I am the happiest girl in the world!'

While Scheana left little to the imagination in that skimpy swimsuit, Shay preferred a more modest look in grey flowered swimming trunks and black tank top accented by an exotic-looking necklace. At another point during the day, the couple emerged for another romantic walk along the beach with Scheana covering up her bottom half in light denim cut-offs. She had twisted her long brown hair into a tight knot on top of her head, and she clutched her flip flops in one hand and a chilled beverage in the other.

A swim among the sea creatures spurred Scheana to inform her social networking fans: 'Omg! Just swam w sea turtles and pet and held an octopus!!' 'Just saw a shooting star!!!!' Scheana exclaimed on Twitter during the wee hours of Friday. 'Not a bad view to wake up to! #andaz #maui #honeymooners,' Scheana captioned a picture of the picturesque resort and ocean.

Source: The Daily Mail