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iRealHousewives Exclusive: Robert Rodriguez - Life After RHOM!

You may remember Robert Rodriguez, the funny and adorable ex husband of Ana Quincoces who made appearances during the second season The Real Housewives of Miami. Since Robert doesn't have social media, you may be wondering what has he been up too since his last appearance on the show? Well Robert talked to us EXCLUSIVELY about his life after RHOM, love life and much more, check it out below!

Robert writes:

"As I surfed the internet the other day in search of material for a case I was arguing (yeah right, sure it wasn't porn Robert?) I stumbled across a post I wrote way back in December of 2012. It dealt with the melee of RHOM at the time and the "intricacies" of a loosely interpreted relationship between Lea Black (not to be confused with black heart - chuckle, grin, cough, snort) and my ex, Ana; a RHOM alum.

What struck me at first was not the fluff and puff of my comments. What struck me was my doubt as to ever being able to find happiness again. You see Timmy (go with me on this one, if you will, because I'm integrating my Timmy reference - which by the way was pretty freaking cool if I do say so myself....and I am) I was under the completely wrong impression that I would never find happiness again. Now listen up Timmy because this next sentence is important! Happiness is love. That's right, you little sleuth, I have found love....or did love find me? Well, either way, I found happiness and love in a time of cholera. Wait....that's a movie isn't it? Let's do this again. I am in a real relationship full of love, respect and happiness. Why is this important to you, Timmy? Because when love is right you need to shout it from the highest mountain and across the widest sea. Simple. Right?

Now a lot of you may be wondering what incredible woman would take in the likes of a guy like me. Well......I wish I could tell you but remember my last post on this site? I said then that this was never my gig - it was Ana's. The woman I love is not in to all of this, shall we say, "nonsense" and, like me, believes that love resides in the hearts of those in love. No offense, but a "reality" tv series is far from what real love is and exemplified in every day life. You won't see Bravo televising an omelet being made for me because it doesn't sell spots for them. But for me......the omelet scene is just one sample of why my love gives me a reason for reason. Shame on you Bravo and all the RH alums for believing in TV to validate your empty existences.

Well, that's it from MY home front. If you see me around town say "Hi" if you like.....or don't. Either way I'll be okay because I am happy and in love and the woman next to me....she's my reason for reason AND the reason why!!!


There you have it, what are your thoughts on this exclusive? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Robert Rodriguez
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