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iRealHousewives Exclusive - Robert Rodriguez Breaks His Silence

Hi Everyone! Robert Rodriguez who is Ana Quincoces’ ex-husband decided to break his silence for the first time to clear the air about The Real Housewives of Miami, the fight between Ana and Lea and much more exclusively to iRealHousewives. Robert writes the following:

"Let me first get some housekeeping details out of the way that really have nothing to do with my breaking the silence all season.

Ana and Lea. Seriously folks is this really even an issue?! The two names in the same sentence is an oxymoron. It's like good and evil. Silk and sandpaper. Day and night. Ying and Yang. Young and old.

When I'm approached in the street and asked about a rift between the two I usually respond by stating there has to be two to tango. There is no comparison and there never ever will be one. Ana has studied and become a professional, raised two incredible women (Kati is going to law school after having been accepted by 4 and counting - scholarships too and Beba is in college while simultaneously producing film projects in the commercial market), maintained a business and household and shifted gears to follow and realize another set of dreams. All this while standing on one leg, juggling 3 chainsaws and whistling Dixie in b flat minor!

I only know two things about Lea: 1. that her last name is Black......or wait, is that her heart.....;and 2. that she went after my girls many times referring to them as potty mouths and inappropriate and that simply isn't very cool. Kids are off limits in all arenas. Especially in those social circles wherein piranhas reside - you know the ones. I believe they call them "galas" and "luncheons". It's where people that are bored and find themselves spent and haggard go to show others how philanthropic they are and caring for the less fortunate.

I've heard the comments and read the blogs. I also have seen the inexplicable reactions to when Ana uses the term "socially awkward" to defend our daughters and not to describe this woman’s son who she has never met. Shame on the viewers for assuming it’s the kid- perhaps it is they who see him that way. Ana was simply defending her daughters from the numerous times Lea called them inappropriate and questioned our family dynamic and dinner conversations-frankly it’s none of her business. She should go back to focusing on her“charity”. Perhaps the viewers should wonder why the giant file Ana took to the reunion was never shown and what I hear was quite the cross examination which left Lea weepy and unable to recover not aired. Can you say injunction? Makes you wonder. I heard Adrianna dubbed Ana “Ana Cojones”instead of Ana Quincoces after the reunion. I think after the way she took on Thomas Kramer and then Lea- it’s quite appropriate.

Now, on to the real reason why I have decided to break my silence just now:

I made it a point not to interfere or, for that matter, even watch RHOM. I always considered the show Ana’s baby. My involvement, along with the girls, was to make sure that the message came through loud and clear that we were and remain a family. God, it sounds like I’m Mrs. Doubtfire doesn’t it?

A 23 year marriage is nothing to sneeze at, folks. It was hard, fun, easy, testing….. it was all worth it! Ana and I were and are nothing like the couples that have been involved in a reality series. We broke the mold for what a marriage should be and we broke the mold again when we decided to end the legality of it. Read those last words again: the legality of it. We will never be unmarried as I see it. (I know the English here is horrible but come on man, I’m writing with my heart and not my head)

In this next paragraph you are named “Timmy”. You see Timmy, when you have children with someone you don’t go at each other’s throats and hate each other. You are connected for life and that’s just the way things have to be. You don’t beat your ex and humiliate them in the eyes of your kids and your friends. You respect them and you love them in a different manner than you were used to, Timmy.

I believe that many of you think that I have been way too comical in my approach to the season and the results. You’re right. Can anyone say “defense mechanism”? I’m naturally the funny guy in the room and that’s just how I am. My nonchalant approach was to bring levity to a heavy situation. I was destroyed when my marriage to Ana ended. I still am and am truly scarred by the whole thing. When you marry someone you don’t think to yourself that you’ll be getting divorced. No, you marry for life, right? So the way I see it I failed and let my family down. Right. Wrong. Indifferent. It’s the way I feel about it and it’s mine to own. This is how you should all react in terms of owning your actions and reactions. Will Ana and I find happiness again? No clue, but that’s life isn’t it? No clue of what comes next.

I like the tact and respect that the people from POP and Bravo exercised when filming my family. They knew my stated goal regarding harmony and love between me, Ana and the girls. I hope you guys got the gist of it all and learned. I hope you all realized why I was attracted and ended up marrying Ana in the first place –she’s been like that since the first day I was taken aback by her. She’s been a role model to my girls and now, hopefully, for some of you that have seen her poise, grace, charm and stinging wit – you all know she’s different from the other cast members; I’m told this every day when stopped in the street. I hope that you all get to see more of who this fascinating person is so that you can learn to appreciate what I did for 23 years and counting (just in a different way).

That’s it Timmy. Go and spread the news that Ana is better than the invention of the wheel. If you don’t I’ll have to spread BBQ sauce all over my……


Photo Credit: Robert Rodriguez

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