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Recap: Tamra's OC Wedding Episode 2: Decisions Decisions

The episode starts off with Tamra and the fabulous wedding planner Diann Valentine discussing the floor plan of the wedding and sitting arrangements.Soon after that Tamra and Eddie take dance lessons to learn how to dance the Cha-Cha for their wedding. Apparently that was Eddie’s only request since it was the easiest dance to learn, Tamra reveals that she is not a dancer at all and it shows, looks like Dancing With The Stars won’t be calling her anytime soon, however there’s hope as Tamra finally got the dance moves down, hopefully she does a great job on her wedding day.

Next Tamra goes shopping for the bridesmaids dresses, everyone was there except the OG of the OC, since we all know Vicki has to work! Heather Dubrow, Man of Honor himself Ricky and another bridesmaid joined Tamra. Tamra explains how she found the bridesmaid dresses online and loved how they looked, as soon as they arrive at the boutique Tamra loses it as the style is not up to par as to what was shown online. Tamra refuses to get off the limo and compares the dresses to Tijuana, as a Mexican-American myself I must say Tijuana makes better dresses than those, you’re welcome Tamra (Sarcasm)! Tamra turns into Bridezilla and calls her wedding planner for assistance as she is panicking. The wedding is two weeks away and Diann calms Tamra and tells her she’s going to help her out on it and not to worry.

Next Diann takes Tamra and Eddie at St. Regis for a menu tasting to select their wedding menu. Eddie questions the wedding budget however Tamra trained Diann well and she gave a very RHOC answer, basically whatever Eddie wanted to hear, BAM! While Tamra has trouble understanding some of the menu choices and if that wasn't bad enough, she is also not understanding the chef’s accent however the soon to be bride and groom finally decide on a menu choice. So far so good, right?... WRONG!

That night Tamra and Eddie are going through their responses cards, we learn Lydia and her hubby are going and Vicki and her plus one. Tamra tells Eddie how she is still waiting to hear a response from Gretchen and reveals to him that the Bellino’s are attending. Eddie loses it and tells Tamra to uninvited Alexis to the wedding and storms out of the room. Tamra is panicking as she doesn't want to uninvited Alexis and calls her Fairy Wedding Planner for some advice but there was no resolution.

Tamra and Eddie bring their families together for the first time, Eddie’s family is Mexican and his grandmother doesn't speak English which makes it difficult for Tamra to communicate but she is happy that she doesn't speak English, gotta love Tamra! Tamra is worried that her mother and father are going to be together in the same room and Tamra is also worried about her very outspoken brother making a scene or teasing her in front of Eddie’s conservative family.  

Next the families arrive and next thing you know Tamra’s brother brings a jar of moonshine and when there’s alcohol there’s going to be drama. Tamra’s brother teases Eddie by calling him a sucker for being with Tamra, Eddie laughs and Tamra starts getting irritated. Then her brother calls her out in front of the families and tells her she’s a messed up women who has two failed marriages and basically saying she has a lot of issues which Tamra retaliates by saying it was her up bringing that made her that way. Shit hits the fan as her parents refuse to participate in their argument and Tamra cusses her family out and walks inside the house. Tamra’s mother cries, her brother cries basically the alcohol really did a number however Eddie’s family doesn't seem to mind, so all is good. Tamra and her mom talk it over and everyone is back happy planning a wedding.

Next Gretchen and Tamra take a hike with their doggies and talk about the wedding. Tamra knows Gretchen and her are not in the best place however she insists that she wants her to be in the wedding and Gretchen gladly accepts and tells her she wouldn't miss the happiest day of her life. Diann Valentine arrives with a whole bunch of bridesmaids dresses and Vicki and the other bridesmaid try on dresses which they look amazing. The only problem is that Ms. Dubrow is now there to try on a dress but Tamra knows Heather will love her dress, after all it was first come, first serve.

Eddie and Tamra then discuss with Diann regarding the guest list drama with the Bellino’s. Eddie finally agrees to let them be part of the wedding with the only condition that if there's any type of drama Diann will be responsible to escort them out of the wedding. Next week is the last episode of Tamra’s OC Wedding so make sure to wear your Bridezilla stilettos and tune in next week for the wedding.

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Tamra's OC Wedding airs Monday nights at 8/7c only on Bravo 

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