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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Ricky Santana!

I recently had the opportunity to interview Tamra Barney's best friend and "Man of Honor" Ricky Santana! Ricky talks to us exclusively about his friendship with Tamra, his favorite RHOC moments, Tamra's OC Wedding, family and much more! Read our Exclusive Interview with Ricky Santana below!

How did you meet Tamra and how long have you both known each other?

We met each other at our kids school about 10 years ago, Tamra was shy but had a mischievous look in her eye and would always laugh at my jokes, we became good friends fast. I quickly came to realize I had met my match!

How did you feel when Tamra told you she wanted you to be her Man of Honor? Where you surprised?

I was surprised at that moment, didn’t expect her to ask me right then and there, I'd hoped she would ask me to be in her wedding in some way but "Man of Honor/Gay of Honor" was such a honor, it all seemed so surreal, I felt like the reality that she was actually getting married hit me when I saw her walk down the aisle, that’s when I finally lost it and the tears came down, her entire family all were so happy after a rough past few years.
Ricky and Tamra 
Being her Man of Honor, did you help her in any way in terms of "maid of honor" duties?

I felt that my main duty was just to keep her in the moment and make sure she savored every moment and be there for her as a supportive friend when things seemed overwhelming.

Being an openly gay male myself, I wanted to ask you, how do you feel that about California FINALLY legalizing gay marriage, you're thoughts?

Ca. finally legalizing gay marriage was much over due in my opinion. I want instant change and don’t have patience! I was thinking the other day that when I was my sons ages and if a same sex couple moved into my neighborhood and had kids I would have thought that it was so strange because when I was a kid that never happened, I remember the first time I went to a same sex couples home I was in my late teens and they were the only gay couple I knew of in my hometown and when I heard they made reference to "their bedroom" and I was so shocked that they shared a room! Now its not abnormal and so much has changed in my lifetime (for the better), I feel we are moving towards a better place to live and even though its slow moving at times its moving in the right direction :) I’ve heard a saying that I love that applies here "We are not yet what we are supposed to be, We are not yet what we are going to be, but thank god at least we are not what we were"

Are you close with any of the other current or former RHOC ladies?

Yes :) I am friends with Peggy, Lynne, and of course Vicki. Tamra and I have the same circle of friends, her friends are mine and mine are hers, the rest of the ladies I am on good terms with and are more friends socially, we all have very busy lives and most of us are just busy keeping up with our kid’s schedules.

Ricky with the RHOC ladies
 What has been the best advice you given Tamra?

Just to keep the RHOC life and your family life as separate as possible, Tamra's life now is great and all is so positive in her world.

You've made several appearances throughout the many seasons of RHOC, which are some of you're favorite moments and why?

I like the end of season parties (the finale shoot) usually everyone is ready to make up and celebrate a great year and it all is kinda nostalgic and sentimental to look back on the events of that year! Not always though SOMETIMES drinks fly and you leave with your clothes covered in good red wine!

What is you're favorite Tamra one liner?

"I'm a trucker with tits!"

What would be your RHOC tagline?

Oh GOD! Hmmmmm, "I can be your best friend OR your worst enemy, so don’t F**k with me fellas!" lol ;)

Can you tell us something about Tamra that may surprise us?

Tamra is a great homemaker and wife and mother when she is given the right circumstances (which is now) her family is everything and she is at her best when she is at home doing her wife/mom thing!

How would you describe Tamra's and Eddie's wedding?

The wedding was over the top but tastefully done, it was sincere and had so many little things that were out of the ordinary but that’s how they are and it fit them well. It reflected them perfectly!!!

Ricky, his hubby and their kids
I know you have two children of you're own, is there any advice you could give to any gay couples who are planning to adopt of have children?

I think this advice is for any couple gay or straight. Is that if you want kids DO IT!!! don't wait for the "right time" because there is no "right time" and don't wait too long because one day you'll wake up and that time will have past, there is nothing better than being a parent, anyone can make a child but a parent is someone that is there for you and with you forever, all that a child needs is parents that love them UNCONDITIONALLY!!! All the rest is extra.

Did you give a speech during the ceremony? If so, were you nervous?

Yes I DID! And YES SUPER NERVOUS! I had one all written up and I lost it at the hotel getting ready the day of the wedding, so Heather and Vicki just told me to go with my heart and it will all be fine, so I did that and the minute I got up to speak all the nerves vanished and I think it went pretty well :) whew!

If you could tell Tamra something that you haven't already told her, what would it be?

Wow that sounds like a Barbara Walters question when she’s going for the tears! Tamra and I are a strong friendship that is evolving all the time, we have had our trials and instead of that breaking us it has made our bond stronger but I guess I would tell her that I'm proud of how she took control of her life that was out of control and did it on her terms, that takes so much strength.

Anything you would like to add to this interview?

The only thing I'd like to add is when people see these ladies and their friends and families on Real Housewives, not to judge, you never really know what the person is going through or has gone through, it's all for entertainment but its them opening up their lives for you and words can hurt and most do read all the comments on the social medias, so try not to judge to harshly, give support instead of mean comments, I'm sure if you met them you'd like them!

Thank you Ricky for taking the time for doing this interview! 

Tamra and Ricky 
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