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EXCLUSIVE: Cocktail Wax Exposé

by: Jean-Claude

"Cocktail Wax is a beauty salon that specializes in the delicate art of wax. Specifically designed to give you an innovative look at waxing, where it's easy stylish and pleasant.”

Hello and welcome to another edition of Claude's Corner! I'm Jean-Claude, one of the writes of and today I have Cocktail Wax owner and star of Les Vraies Housewives Christina Amrani! Christina is here and she bares it ALL and leaves nothing behind as we take a closer look into her fabulous and luxurious business which is Cocktail Wax, sit back and enjoy this Q&A which exclusively to!

JC: Hello again Christina welcome back!

CA: Hi Jean-Claude thanks for having me here again.

JC: So Christina, its June already, who would of thought right?

CA: Yes it is so soon! I know it’s great and sunny, perfect weather.

JC: So with it being June, what is the cocktail of the month?

CA: The cocktail of the month for June is a Cosmo Cocktail.

JC: Everyone loves Cocktail Wax! What was the main objective for Cocktail Wax?

CA: My main goal with Cocktail Wax was to build a brand and to create a different a experience of wax. A nice luxurious spa for not only women but for men and children as well

JC: Did you think that Cocktail wax would take off?

CA: Yes I did because it is a different type of wax, which is imported from Europe 25+ flavored waxes. Everyone likes a cocktail so the concept was perfect.

JC: You really light up when you talk about CW.

CA: YES! It’s like my second child, it’s truly my dream come true.

JC: Can you tell us more about these +25 flavored waxes?

CA: We do flavors of the month it’s rich in vitamins all the customers love the way it leaves their skin it’s number 1, truly unbelievable. We have the chocolate wax which it’s almost edible beautiful banana wax, you loose yourself in the wax, of course it hurts a bit cause it’s wax but get a cocktail to relax you, it’s truly fun. You will enjoy a nice cocktail or champagne, I knew it would! It’s been working after four years in a half, it’s a tough business. I make sure to be in top shape, it's LA, young and beautiful so to go with the flow. But the reason it's wax but never the less people love it and with 50 percent men it's great showing everyone an enjoy

JC: What do the men usually get?

CA: Between brows and legs we do it all the men, they are really enjoying it.

JC: How long you guys been open?

CA: We have been open for 4 years. I lived in LA for a long time, it was when I went to Paris I saw one and it was nice, we didn't have it there (LA) and I said hmm this could work in LA and here we are

JC: Will Cocktail wax be opening up at multiple locations in the future?

CA: Yes! But for now we only have one... for now! After 4 years hopefully I’ll be opening one very soon.

JC: How soon is “soon”?

CA: I see a chic, small location 100 percent knew I wanted one in LA so I hope to open in NYC with a bar inside so watch out. But the main goal is worldwide.

JC: Do you get any fans abroad since your stint on Les Varies Housewives?

CA: Yes! They come from all over and take pictures of the spa and love the spa and get waxed, its been really humbling.

JC: What’s the over all Cocktail wax looks?

CA: Smart, confidant and sexy for sure and WAXED!

JC: Does LA play a part in waxing?

CA: Of course it’s LA, image is everything here so yes.

JC: How has building this brand alone been?

CA: Building a brand is hard and alone for 1 location was prefect but still alone is hard work but I will have a partner for the other locations that's for sure.

JC: Big money big business right?

CA: Yes I am a business woman, I have a good clientele but it’s a bit hard with people that you work and deal and it’s only you it’s hard but I wouldn't trade what I do for the world!

JC: Any summer plans Christina?

CA: Summer I go around and shop for locations for a new store front.

JC: Any chance of a show in the works like Cocktail Wax Confidential?

CA: Wait and see darling, we can only wait

JC: Anything to say to you customers and fans?

CA: Loyal customers THANK YOU so much for trusting Cocktail Wax and to help make this happen I love my costumers and I’m grateful, I’m also thankful for the people who've traveled I love you all and I really appreciate it there’s more to come so stay tune! xx Christina

For more information please visit
Twitter: @CocktailWax

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If you’re in LA or plan to visit soon please visit Cocktail Wax:

Cocktail Wax
333 North La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

For Appointments Call : (310) 289-0166 or email:

Hours of Operation:
Monday 9:30am to 9pm
Tuesday 9:30am to 7:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am to 9pm
Thursday 9:30am to 9pm
Friday 9:30am to 7:30pm
Saturday 9:30am to 7pm
Sundays : By Appointment Only

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Photo Credit: Cocktail Wax/Christina Amrani

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