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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Christina Amrani!

Our Les Vraies Housewives recap blogger Jean-Claude recently had the opportunity to chat with Les Vraies Housewives star Christina Amrani! Christina was very open with us about the drama of the show and her thoughts on some of her cast mates. She also reveals to us about her daughter and her business, Cocktail Wax which is located in Los Angeles and much more exclusively to iRealHousewives!

Hello everyone welcome to Claude's Corner and today I have a special suprise for you guys, I have today NTV1's very own Les Vraies Housewives star Christina Amrani here with us to catch up and get some ole fashion housewives gossip!

JC: Hello Christina thanks for being here, how are you today?

CA: Hi Jean-Claude! I'm good today thank you and I’m happy to join you.

JC: It's been a crazy year right?

CA: Yes it has to say the least! Indeed it has been lots of work but it's been great!

JC: So Christina, Les Vraies Housewives debuted this past March on NTV1 in France. Tell me, did you enjoy your time on the show?

CA: Honestly, no I didn't. It’s just not for me, maybe more less cause of casting... however I think it was a great platform to showcase my business and connect with women everywhere.

JC: Okay so speaking of casting that leads me to ask you, how were you approached to do the show?

CA: I was actually the first out of all the girls to be cast. They wanted a very mix cast and I’m the only that works so it all worked out.

JC: How long did you ladies filmed for?

CA: Filming was from February through April last year.

JC: Did you know any of your cast mates prior to the show?

CA: Yes I knew two of the four, and I didn’t know Natalie before the show.

JC: Do you hang with any of the other women?

CA: Only with Natalie which is weird because before we started taping she didn't know me. She heard a lot very negative stuff about me but with time she saw the truth. She’s a smart woman and hard working mother so of course we'd be friends

JC: So did you feel you were captured in good light during the show?

CA: Yes I was honest I showed who I am and was very real so it was very organic to just be yourself, so yes.

JC: We noted that their was no reunion, how come?

CA: The producers decided not to do one

JC: But WHY?

CA: Well I have no problem that they passed on it. It would of been very trashy, all the yelling and arguing, I just couldn't bare the thought of a reunion with the other ladies.

JC: Some fans asked why you didn’t go on the infamous New York trip?

Ca: Well a lot factored in I was busy with work I’m the only one who has a job so to pick up and leave I had to weight out the pros and cons of it and the pros of not going out weight the cons.

JC: Would you comeback if they decided to do a 2nd season?

CA: No! I wouldn't it's just not my scene. I'm a bit disappointed because it could of been just like Sex And The City and have fun lunch and showcase women in good lighting an empower each other, but some of the women played up to airtime and bought it back to high school.

JC: We saw that the show got a lot of heat back in France, what you think about that?

CA: Well I think that some of the negative reviews came from the fights and things of that nature. In France they really don't like that.

JC: So very unladylike behavior?

CA: Yes combined with very bad language on T.V. Rich people don't talk like that.

JC: Have you met any of the other wives from the U.S. franchise?
CA : Yes! A few of the ladies from Beverly Hills  are clients at Cocktail Wax.

JC: OK Christina so enough about the show lets get on to you!

CA: OK! Sure lets, you won't be disappointed!!

JC: You’re a mother of a beautiful daughter, tell us about her!

CA: Thank you! Emmanuelle is such a good girl but sometimes you know the typical teenager loves to shop A LOT but I've been teaching her that you have to work for everything but she’s very smart over all I couldn't ask for anything better.

JC: Where are you originally from Christina?

CA: I'm from a small village in the northern part of Paris, France and then came here (America) about 20 years ago

JC: Do you like it here in the states?

CA Yes! I LOVE America! And American people are really nice.

JC: Do you ever go back to visit France?
CA: Yes I love going to see my family. Most of them are there so it’s fun to go on vacation.

JC: Your wardrobe on the show was amongst fans favorite! Tell us who are your favorite designers?

CA: Chanel, Dior & Gucci, I love them!

JC: You’re a strong business woman, how do you juggle raising a teenager and running a business?

CA: It's hard believe me, it is hard but like I showed everyone on the show that women can do it and that is the message I try to incorporate in my everyday life. You can be a successful woman and own your business and do great things. You have to believe in yourself and work hard and everything else falls into place. Women don't have to just marry men and be home, they can go work as well and do whatever they set their mind to do.

JC: Before letting you go back to work let me ask, are you single?

CA: Ah! I know this would ask this question. Yes I am single, no boyfriend at the moment (laughs). I'm strong in business but when it comes to love I always melt, I'm a very soft person but yes single. For now...

JC: So no wild nights out for you?

CA: Weekends only, I don't go out during the week I like to relax smoke my cigars have some champagne and have down time. I work a lot so when I get home its mother/daughter time.

JC: Do you think blondes have more fun?

CA: Why of course!

JC: So Christina we know there’s an amazing place located at 333 N. La Cienega Blvd! Wanna tell us about that special place?

CA: Cocktail Wax!

JC: You light up when you say it.

CA: Of course Jean-Claude, I put all my effort into this dream of mine.

JC : Tell us more about your business?

CA: Well Cocktail Wax is a high end waxing salon and we specialize with 25+ waxes imported from France that are fun scented and we offer cocktails while we do our job, the best of the best! It's a first-class experience for all ages and all skin types, just a really good time I highly recommend it.

JC: Ohlalala I'm excited!

Ca: Well when you’re back in LA you know where to find us.

JC: So tell us about the wax part of Cocktail Wax?

CA: Our trained staff of professional estheticians at Cocktail Wax uses two waxing methods. We offer the choice between a cold wax and a hot wax as well as a hand melted wax versus waxing strips. And that waxing isn't a chore it's a way of life, something fun a reward to ones self. It's a great place to relax and just take care of your self and the best part there’s a cocktail! There’s always a cocktail of the month and that's fun choosing what is the cocktail of the day.

JC: So what is April’s cocktail of the month?

CA: Rosè champagne.

JC: Where did the idea of a having a cocktail come from?

CA: Well Jean-Claude as I said before, I think that when someone is pampering themselves, why not take it all the way to the top. The best of the best

JC: Do you have any plans on expanding Cocktail Wax?

CA: Yes!

JC: Nation wide or internationally?

CA: Well I'd love them to be everywhere but for now were going to hopefully opening another one at Studio City, LA location. Would love to do NYC & France soon, we'll see.

JC: Since you won't come back for a second season, is there ever a chance of doing reality T.V. again?

CA: Yes, I leave the door open always for the opportunity and hmm maybe I have something coming soon involving Cocktail Wax.

JC: Oh really now?

CA: We’ll see. There’s so much that goes on with our employees, our costumers. the drama, parties and just everyday life. The other day Madison (a Cocktail Wax employee) was stressed and one of the doors fell, just drama, but in a good way. There can be shows that do well without the drama and hopefully my point soon can be proven.

JC: Sounds really good, I can't wait! Will it be available in the states?

CA: Yes! Hopefully a lot will be coming up soon, so watch out for that.

JC: How do you feel gaining some fans here in America that has falling in love with Les Vraies Housewives?

CA: Very humbling actually its nice to see fans that are dedicated to the franchise even for some there’s a language barrier.

JC: Is their any last words you would like to say to your fans?

CA: YES! THANK YOU Everyone! I get over 100 e-mails a day, I wish could respond to everybody. It has truly touched my heart and I hope that opening up my life to everyone and putting myself out. If I helped at least one person I did what I was set out to do. Always stand for what you believe in. Women in this age are strong! Follow your dreams and you guys have truly touched me I THANK YOU ALL! AND JUST WATCH OUT this isn’t the last of me! xx Christina Amrani

JC: Thank you Christina for your time

CA: Of course Jean-Claude, see you soon!

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Photo Credit: NTV1, Wire Image, Peter Barati & Christina Amrani

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