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RHOCheshire Star Dawn Ward Defends Her Excessive Social Media Activity!

Dawn Ward defended her use of social media to document her luxurious lifestyle. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star appeared on This Morning to debate about social media ‘show-offs’ with Daily Mirror editor Alison Phillips.

Alison argued it’s “an oddity that people need that affinity from complete strangers.”

But Dawn made it very clear, saying: “If you don’t like it, just unfollow.”

Ward says she uses the platform to promote positivity and let her fans know what she’s up to.

“I’m a human being, I’m proud of my family and I’m a big believer in positivity. I’m very fortunate with my life and I have a great following where people are interested in what I do,” she said, according to Manchester Evening News.

Dawn pointed out it’s not just the glamorous side of her life her followers see. “I was cleaning dog poo the other day,” she said. “My dog had diarrhea and I posted it on Instagram, I didn’t care.”

She continued: “It’s all about what you choose [to share] as an individual and if someone doesn’t like seeing me cleaning my dog poo and going on holiday they can unfollow.”

Dawn says she uses social media to reach a large audience to promote the various children’s charities she supports, such as Caudwell Children based in Alderley Edge.

When asked whether social media could affect young people in a negative way, Dawn said: “I feel quite strong about this - as a parent, me and my husband are the greatest influence on our children.”

“I signed up for a reality show and from being a young age I have tried to give 100 per cent. It was a family decision to join Real Housewives and it’s been amazing,” she added. “We’ve decided we’re going to make memories this year. I can’t tell you how many people have commented that they have lost their parent and [it's nice] to see me having so many lovely times with the in-laws.”

Photo Credit: Silve/REX/Shutterstock