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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Natalie Wizman!

Last time our Les Vraies Housewives recap blogger Jean-Claude brought you an exclusive interview with Christina Amrani, and now Jean-Claude brings you a brand new exclusive interview with the one and only, the lovely Natalie Wizman of the hit show Les Vraies Housewives! Natalie shares her experience as being one of the Les Vraies Housewives, also the drama, and overall her life as a business woman, mother and wife and much more exclusively to iRealHousewives!

“Hello everyone welcome to Claude's Corner and today I have a special surprise for you guys, I have today NTV1's very own Les Vraies Housewives star Natalie Wizman here with us to let us know life after housewives and everything in between.” – Jean-Claude

JC: Hello Natalie and welcome to Claude’s Corner!

NW: Hello Jean-Claude.

JC: How are you today?

NW: Wonderful, really good!

JC: Natalie, we saw you as the diplomatic one on NTV1's Les Vraies Housewives. How were you asked to be part of the show?

NW: Karine. She saw me at the gym and asked me if I'd liked to do the show, I said no but she gave my number to the producers, and they called. I said I'd go to the interview under the condition that I’d get to keep the interview so I can have for my kids and show them what mommy did. Then I did the interview and it went well however I didn’t tell my husband at first. Then they called and asked for 2nd interview I thought it was joke but I went again and got it! Who would have known!

JC: Did you find it hard to communicate with the other women on the show?

NW: Yes I did. I left France at the age of 4 so my vocabulary was very poor but I can hold my own.

JC: So Natalie, did you know any of the other wives prior to the show?

NW: I knew only Karine and Christine very little by going to the gym. I met Karine because she knew my little brother and he introduced me to her.

JC: Did you two get along?

NW: The fact that I saw her at the gym, she was always joking, I thought she was a good time.

JC: Going back to what you said about not telling your husband, what was his reaction when he found out about the show?

NW: My husband said “have a good time, I don’t own you” but I wasn’t sure. But I knew that I had an opportunity to document my life for my kids. My brother had passed and I looked for pictures of us and I became obsessed with documenting my family’s lives. I remember vacations with my kids and they would always tell me, "Mommy that was so fun!" I remember that, but where were you? I would be the one taking the pictures

JC: How did they react to the cameras?

NW: I said that they could be on TV and see me when they were older with mommy and how mom was like. How I'd walk and talk, that was an amazing time of my life to share with them.

JC: So Natalie with that aside, were their any other personal reasons to do the show?

NW: Yes, I wanted to create and promote and a brand. We also have Coffee Bean Tea Leaf but I had a chain of retail stores in Asia and Europe and the kids didn’t know me as successful business woman. They just always see me taking money from my husband.

JC: So this was a moment to launch you’re brand?

NW: Yes. I thought, ok I’m going to create a business and to promote my husband's and to show my kids who their mom is and showcase. I’m more than a housewife.

JC: Have you watched the show and did you feel like you were shown in a good light?

NW: Yes! I haven’t watched all of it. I got some great feedback in small clips and saw my kids and husband.

JC: Would you do it again?

NW: Yes I would do it in a sec but I didn’t feel like I could defend myself because of the language barrier.

JC: Was that your main issue?

NW: Yes! I felt it wasn’t fair to me. They didn’t know I was a happy person. I cherish every moment I live, they don’t understand I make the best.

JC: By “they”, do you mean the other ladies?

NW: Yes. I really wanted to see the opportunity and give them a chance but they had a hard time accepting me naturally.

JC: We saw you took heat from something Christine had revealed.

NW: Yes. I got judged by not reacting to Christine saying she was a girlfriend of my husband 20 years ago and 20 years ago he had another 40. Good for him! It shows he has good taste now but she felt I was always faking when I was around her and Christina. I didn’t know her at all and they were abusing her, she was taking punches left right and center the way they the other woman were to her was just simply horrible.

JC: Did you feel bad for Christina?

NW: Yes. It’s ok to have differences but belittling with no cause was just bullying at its finest and I had to fight for Christina. I knew I was going to get shit for it but I live my life on womanhood, class & elegance not popularity. Defending her was the right thing to do.

JC: Who gave you shit?

NW: Well Karine turned on me saying you were my friend, how dare you? My heart is open to everyone here and being attacked was unacceptable like when Christina had invited them to her red carpet event at Cocktail Wax the girls really just bullied her instead of supporting it and that wasn’t right.

JC: Do you still keep in touch with Christina?

NW: Yes. We're different but we still talk. We both make efforts to see each other, I mean she’s single and we live different lives but yes we do she’s a lovely lady.

JC: How about Soumaya?

NW: Soumaya and I didn’t connect much but if she ever called I’d say hi. I wouldn’t be a bitch it’s not in me to be

JC: Would you come back for a second season?

NW: Yes, in heartbeat! I’d do it again maybe with different casting?

JC: How did you feel about not being able to have a reunion?

NW: I would of liked a reunion. I think that after the show a reunion have would help clear the air and really get things that need to be said out in the open.

JC: Have you met any of the American housewives?

NW: Yes, some of the Orange County ladies and Kyle Richards of Beverly Hills.

JC: Have you seen any of the other wives?

NW: Yes. I see Christine at the gym periodically. Christina and I are doing lunch soon. I haven’t spoken to Soumaya and Karine after the show.

JC: Have you guys gotten picked up for season 2?

NW: We don’t know yet! Wait and see!

JC: Overall, do you feel good about the experience as a whole?
NW: Oh yes!!! Great experience! Pain on a few episodes, I felt attacked but I forgive all of them. I will kiss and hug and say hello if I were to see them out and about so I don't care so much about what happened because their no hard feelings, but it is what is.

JC: Before we wrap up is there anything you’re currently working on?

NW: Yes actually I am working on a few things quite interesting as I said I was a whole seller before so there’s something amazing for woman in the works who don’t need thousands of dollars to feel rich.

JC: Do you have any plans for the summer?

NW: Summer time in France and a few other countries.

JC: Finally Natalie, anything you want to say to your fans?

NW: YES! To all the fans oh my god! I’ve had so much support, thank you so much not judging me and supporting me and watching. It was an amazing experience! I wanted to bring important things like menopause, couples issues etc. but was shutdown. I was shut down on most of the issues that I wanted to bring to the table. I really wanted to make a difference since my passion is psychology and understanding people. I’m open, there’s nothing that I shy away from I have a perfect life and have issues so why should I not expose it? There are people that don’t have luxury houses and have issues, we’re all human. I really hoped things would have unraveled but being shut down at every corner us 5 women could of made a difference. The show is all over Europe and we could have made a difference to show women in a positive light about who dated your husband 20 years ago. But overall thanks everyone, you guys have touched me and I’m grateful all the best, xo Natalie.

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