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Recap: Les Vraies Housewives - Season 1: Episode 1

by: Jean-Claude

Episode l: Apprendre à Connaître Es Dames

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Claude’s Corner! Today we are recapping episode 1 of Les Vraies Housewives. This is the first French installment, and there is no shortage of drama following five powerful French women living the luxurious life in Beverly Hills.

In this episode we are introduced to Christina, Christine, Karine, Natalie and Soumaya living in the upscale neighborhood of Beverly Hills. With their colorful personalities, luxurious lifestyles and catty neighbors, while balancing life, children and work, these women are bound to get into it with each other. How will it all play out? They embody the perfect image of class and glamour where appearance is the key. But this picture-perfect world of theirs often hides lies, struggles and deceit. Throughout the drama they connect over growing businesses, dinners and children and are surprised to find that they have a lot more in common than they think.

In this episode we have Natalie prepping for her birthday party. She’s excited to party but a she’s a perfectionist to the max, making sure that everything is in place and goes off without a hitch. But before the party she has a quick run to the doctor’s office for a session of botox. Karine calls to wish Natalie a happy birthday and is excited for the night’s festivities. Karine is a stay at home mother of 3 who enjoys fast cars and spending time with her little ones but underneath that Karine hides a fiery temper that usually doesn’t take much to bring out. Ready to party all women show up with the soirée in full-effect two old friends Christina and Karine run into each other and old feelings are rekindled and their not good ones leaving some of the women with a bad taste in their mouth. Next we meet the 55 year old divorcee Christine who gives us a bit more insight on her life and very personal friendship with the late king of pop Michael Jackson. Christine says she loves life the good life and intends to live it. Then we’re followed by Christina, as she is modeling and being photographed by fashion photographer Peter Barati. Priding herself on being a businesswoman we see her going in and checking her salon Cocktail Wax. After she goes shopping for an outfit for the dinner that Christine has planned at her place for all the ladies but when seating arrangements don’t live up to Karine’s standard’s. Christina finds herself recipient to a surprise ambush by her and the walk down memory lane and their old feud is reignited leaving everyone at the dinner speechless and a loss for words. Christine’s dinner party is ruined forcing the ladies to choose a side and fast!
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Les Vraies Housewives airs in France on NTV1

Photo Credit: NTV1