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My Thoughts on Jody Claman

Last week we brought you a Tribute to Ronnie Negus by @RonnieNegusFans. This week we bring you a Jody Claman Tribute by one of her biggest supporters who is very well known on Twitter who is none other than Linda aka @LindaNTyler. I reached out to Linda and she decided to give us her thoughts on who Jody is and why she admires her. Linda writes the following: "Why try to fit in, when you were born to stand out?! (My favorite line that describes Jody in my eyes. lol)
There are several words that would describe Jody: Jewish, wife, mother, sister, daughter, self-made business woman, chef/baker entrepreneur, TV personality, inspiration and sweet friend.
I have to admit when Real Housewives of Vancouver was scheduled to come on the air, I was not the least bit interested. I was a Real Housewives of New York fan. I decided to watch one episode and I suddenly realized, I enjoyed Jody’s sense of humor, her honesty, her upfront attitude and then watched the second show. Jody had me hooked from then on, and I followed her on the show and eventually on twitter.

Jody had many great things happen on the show such as having her daughter Mia on the show to support her, having Glass House on the show was amazing and gave Jody a chance to wear items and show her fashions and accessories to all viewers which was a major plus. She was able to take us inside to some of her private life…. But just a little. She was also able to show us a bit of her plans with her cookbook which her recipes and pictures will be beautiful. So many great things, but not without some, shall we say not so well.
I’d say some of the worst things that happened to her were the lies Christina told Jody about Mia, and of course the dreaded last show where she was bombarded by all. I had overwhelming tears of disbelief and come to find out later it was a 3hr ordeal for her. I’ve watched it since and still get tears.
All that being said, Jody brought her true self to each and every episode. She never let anyone bring her down and handled herself as she needed to. I know she came across harsh at times, but it was her way of making a point. We all know the show is edited for drama and she was portrayed in a way I don’t believe for one second that she is that way on a daily basis. They just decided to edit to the more dramatic parts for her character.
Jody has extended her heart to starting up Larry Lunch Bucket which is feeding the homeless at Oppenheimer Park, and she takes care of all the costs. She has a heart of gold in real life, and I’m hoping that will come through in season 2. Jody is sharp, feisty, fun, loveable, quick witted, strong and independent but is also very business minded and wants to accomplish many things. With her drive and determination, she will succeed. With new cookbooks, a new jewelry line, Jody’s Fine Foods, Glass House Couture, a new drink line, a speaking tour in the spring, a Glass House in Yorkville in Toronto's trendiest area and filming RHOV, being happily married to her wonderful husband Eran, raising her youngest daughter Hannah, a son Josh attending school in Toronto and Mia’s career taking off, she is one busy lady!
One thing we know for sure is that you never know what amazing outfit she will wear (with or without her tiara), or what she will say, but we do know she is entertaining, loveable, tells one liners like no one else, can be a whole lot of fun, but will be direct, honest and will correct or tell it like it is. Some just don’t handle the truth well on the show. I have been so lucky to keep in contact with her almost daily and have talked to her on the phone. She is so busy and works on so many projects, it’s hard for her to have time in a day, but keeps in touch when she can. She is my inspiration and has helped me change in many ways. I am so blessed and thankful that Jody is part of my life as a friend who I can trust and she trusts me. We have shared past and present lives and she is from a good place! She herself decides what she wants the public to know, and is very private and she should be respected for that.
Getting a tweet, a Twitter DM, Facebook message or whatever from her, it gives me a reason to smile especially on days that aren’t going so well. She is always there for me in some way! Thanks Jodes.. You are treasured and loved! Xx"
There you have it. Make sure to visit for all the latest updates on Jody! 
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