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iRealHousewives Presents: A Ronnie Negus Tribute by Team Ronnie

With the Season 2 premiere of The Real Housewives of Vancouver just around the corner I decided to reach out to the RHOV fan pages to do a special article to support our RHOV ladies.  The first page I reached out was to my personal friend Sergio who runs the Ronnie Negus official fan page @RonnieNegusFans on Twitter. Besides being a fan, Sergio has established a friendship with Ronnie. A few weeks ago both Sergio and I along with @AllAboutRHOV had the awesome opportunity to do a conference call with the woman of the hour, Ronnie. 
But the questions remains... what does Ronnie Negus represents to @RonnieNegusFans? Sergio writes:

"Ronnie Negus - Awesome Mother, Devoted Wife, Genuine Friend and most of all a Sweetheart. I quickly became a fan of Ronnie watching her on The Real Housewives of Vancouver. It was her realness and kind Heart that I liked the most. While other housewives were busy playing a role Ronnie gave us her real life story. The good and not so good moments. Running her fan page @RonnieNegusFans has been an amazing experience, I soon went from a fan to being great friends with Ronnie. YES SHE STILL MAKES ME NERVOUS WHEN WE TALK!! HELLO, SHE IS A STAR!! :)) But so humble and sweet. After talking with Ronnie I learned She did RHOV to help others in anyway possible by learning something from her own life experiences, also the only HOUSEWIVE to DONATE her RHOV check to charity. She continues to give to others. Ronnie and her Husband started from scratch and together built there empire with Love and Dedication. You see Ladies and Gents , It pays off to have a Honest Heart! The same Love and dedication pours in to #TeamRonnie which LOVES everyone, regardless who you talk to or follow. We will rise above any negativity giving hope for a better day. With that said Lets all enjoy this new season of The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Love, Forgiveness, Positive energy and Hugs to all, Smile because your worth it!"

Just like Sergio I have only experienced nothing but support, encouragement and love from Ronnie and a bottle of Rehab of course. So all I can say is in behalf of Sergio and myself THANK YOU Ronnie for everything. Best of luck on this new season season of RHOV and we cannot wait to read your upcoming book. Peace and Love!
So which other RHOV Team will speak on Find out soon to find out!

Photo Credit: @RonnieNegusFans