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Sara Al Madani Explains Why She Unfollowed Lesa Milan On Social Media; Says “Our Energies Don’t Match”

A few days ago, Chanel Ayan got into a Twitter fight with her Real Housewives of Dubai co-star Sara Al Madani.

A fan asked the mother-of-one why she thinks that Ayan came for her on social media, Madani said that it may be because she unfollowed her bestie, Lesa Milan.

The fan then asked Sara why she unfollowed Lesa, to which Madani wroten,  “Our energies don’t match which is normal. It’s not a big deal.”

If you recall, the Twitter drama between Ayan and Madani kicked off after a user tweeted the following, “#RHODubai y’all love Sara but I’m telling y’all..the ones who swear they love spirituality/healing energy/chill vibes be the ones hating the most. She’s laughing at Lesa & Ayan on Sergio’s post, but never appreciates either girl. I wanted to like Sara but she’s about to flop”

To which Ayan simply replied, “Well said.”

Sara reacted to Ayan's response. Sara clapped back at Ayan’s response. “Ayan it’s funny ur saying that. I was always there for you and stood by ur side on ur healing journey,” she tweeted. “U called me and txted me so many times thanking me for being there for you, that’s why I don’t understand where did I go wrong with you to deserve you backstabbing me.”

“Plus your saying I should stop the preaching but you’re the one who calls me all the time and txt me asking me for advice about life and work,” she continued. “So I am not preaching ayan I was supplying your demand.”

She added, “I was always there for you and gave nothing but love. What did I get in return?”

A fan speculated that Ayan may be beefing with Madani for unfollowing Lesa Milan.

Sara responded to the fan’s theory by tweeting, “I didn’t unfollow ayan ..she unfollowed me because I unfollowed lesa ..”

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Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (2)