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Roxy Earle Embraces Her Postpartum Body Six Months After Welcoming First Child!

Roxy Earle is embracing her postpartum body. The former Real Housewives of Toronto star shared a series of photos as she shared her new wellness journey with her followers -- six months after welcoming her first child.

"This morning's unloading of thoughts from my stories. A never-ending journey to self-love for anyone who needs to feel less alone in their feelings," she captioned the post.

"Six months later and Myron left me with a cute bump," she wrote in the first photo, where she showed off her postpartum bump. "Working my a— off to strengthen my core, eating with purpose and working sweating so I feel strong. I have weight I want to lose so I can tone and build muscle but most importantly I want the strongest healthiest heart of all."

"When your body feels good, your mind feels good," she wrote. "For me right now that means bringing my weight down and working on my cardiovascular health. So time to move for me. Anyways sharing my real thoughts as otherwise I'd be just another social media girl who was full of BS." 

"This was a year or so ago — right before I got pregnant," she captioned the second photo that was taken last year where she is seen wearing a pair of red leggings and a matching sports bra, according to Yahoo News. "I was in amazing shape and never felt better since my 20s."

"I was training a few times a week and this was incredible. I was lucky to work with a trainer and want to do that again. I'm moving so I need to find a new place in my next area, but I want to get back to that!" Earle continued.

"Lots and lots of walking, tons of water, and eating sensibly with a calm and happy mind but not in a restricted way — prioritizing greens, vegetables, and proteins with good, healthy carbs," she added.

In the third photo, the former reality star explained that even when she wasn't feeling her "best" she still showed up as her best self. Earle shared a photo of herself wearing a red dress that she designed as part of her previous clothing collection. 

"Even when I didn't feel my best, I always showed up as my best me," she shared. "I designed this dress for a wedding, as nothing fit me that I liked in stores at the time," she wrote. "You don't have to hate yourself while working toward goals. Love yourself and never hide yourself along the way."

In the following photo, she is posing for one of her designs. She captioned the post, "Designed this as well as I have never felt fashion included me. So I had to make it. What I love about this pic is that I still dressed up, took pics and shared myself."

In the following photo, she is wearing a blue workout set while holding her son in a mirror selfie. 

"And here I am today. Carrying the weight of my pregnancy and the loss of muscle that came with that, but working toward my goals with love and acceptance of my postpartum body," she wrote.

In the last post, she shared a clip of her new business venture which is a free mobile APP called The Anna App where women can find the tools to better themselves. "And all of it inspired an entire app filled with everything I've learned along my journey to help others love themselves and their bodies."

Photo Credit: Slice/Corus Entertainment