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RHOLagos Stars Carolyna Hutchings And Iyabo Ojo Take Their Feud To Twitter!

Carolyna Hutchings and Iyabo Ojo have taken their feud to social media following Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 1 reunion drama. 

Both ladies went back in forth in a series of shady and dramatic tweets. Check it out below!

Carolyna tweeted, "When you are desperate for a mean girls click  , you will cook up anything to recruit them ( old crocodile) .. if I have anything mean to say to you trust me it will be straight from my mouth … as a one man squad zero Fffs given from here 😘 #theRoyals👑#RHOLagos"

Then, Hutchings and Ojo went after each other in a series of shady tweets. Carolyna tweeted, "Dear Iyabo Ojo .. the widows mite offering from apostles church is affecting you mentally .. your mental battle is with God .. chiomas ass wipes .. @IYSexxy. Kisses .. you want clout , now you have it mummy 😘"

Iyabo then responded, "We are both mummies my dear, before you call your mate old, learn to accept reality..... leave chioma out of this face me one on one... chioma is not your mate agbaya."

Ojo continued, "You tweeted first dear, you're the one who needs the clouts ... you're old girl so stop calling your mate old, embrace your age & don't forget you are still collecting offerings so it's you that needs your brain checked.. werey."

After a fan called Ojo out for feuding with Carolyna on social media, Iyabo defended herself.

She tweeted, "She didn't insult me at the reunion so why would i want to go off on her? Who is she referring to as old crocodile? Is that the person you all claim is sorry ... 😂🤣😂 ani werey le yan"

Carolyna then clarified her "crocodile" tweet and according to her, she was referring to her former bestie and co-star Chioma Ikokwu. "The old crocodile is CHIOMA .. but I ain’t surprised you ran to do ass licker, obviously the shoe fits you .. I ain’t sorry 😘 @IYSexxy."

To which Ojo responded, "How is chioma old, she is the youngest in the group 🤣😂 Enjoy your new found tweet reunion fame, jusr make the best use of it.. sugbon ranti pe,  iyan ogun odun o ma gbonu feli feli 🔥 🔥 ✌️"

Carolyna then tweeted, "I LOVE IT .. all hail #theRoyals👑.. no man can curse who God has blessed . Bye darling  @IYSexxy 😘"

Then she fired back, "Sugar you can call me old .. I am an old wine , I taste better (luxury vintage ) .. now run along go pay up your mortgage , you look stressed out .. like I said if I have something to say I say it to your face @IYSexxy.. #oldcrocodiles 😘."

To which Iyabo responded, "My dear, i live my truth unlike you, without ur ex you're nothing, you've nothing in ur name, even the flat you live in, nothing!! you live off your ex, no work, everything fake & lies, that's why you will forever worship him no matter how many times he shits on you, Fake bitch."

As for Hutchings, she responded by tweeting, "My ex the father of my three kids ??.. oh yes I will worship him .. my last child for him is wealthier than your generation combined … forever worshiping him sugar .. I work to play and not to pay bills like you 😂.."

Ojo fired back by tweeting, "Kid's are off limits so i will skip that... thank God you accepted the fact that you're worth nothing 😂🤣 i work for play... ode."

The shady exchange continued between the two. Carolyna then tweeted, "😂😂😂😂😂… Iyabo ooo… Trentches has finished your destiny .. make hay while the sun shines … as you lay your bed so you lie on it .. come to my office in vi 28, akin ogunlewe str , off ligali .. let me help you with your mortgage. You are hurting 😂😘"

As for Ojo, she responded with "See queen trenches talking 🤣🤣 Caro you came from the trenches, you where born poor, that's why you became a gold digger even the digging you still no sabi... #beautywithoutbrains"

Iyabo added, "Talo dash werey ni office 🤣🤣 #queenoflies oya collect your crown 👑 see person way dey live of pocket money wan pay my mortgage...Miss Sugar you don cast tete."

Carolyna ended by thanking her fans and followers for supporting her. "My #royalarmy I love you all so much ❤️😘.. I can’t thank you all enough for your love .. may this month be the best you have ever had .. thanks for your love and constant support ❤️❤️❤️❤️. I am humbled ❤️👑 #Rholagos," she wrote.

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Photo Credit: Showtime Nigeria