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Leah McSweeney Slams ‘Real Housewives’ Fans For ‘Harassing’ Kyle Richards’ Daughter Portia Umansky On Instagram Over ‘RHOBH’ Drama!

Leah McSweeney slammed Real Housewives fans for ‘harassing’ Kyle Richards’ daughter, Portia Umansky, on Instagram.

“It has been brought to my attention that people are harassing the s***  out of Kyle Richards’ kids,” the Real Housewives of New York City star said via her Instagram Stories. “There is never anything that makes that okay. And we need to stop normalizing, objectifying Housewives like they’re not people. …There are real-life consequences to bullying and victimizing these women… it makes me f***ing sick.  And honestly, it breaks my heart for her. It’s one thing to be harassed yourself by the ‘fans.’ But to have your children harassed is a whole different story.”

She continued, “People have killed themselves for getting cyberbullied. I think if you're a fan of the show and you're someone who's extremely invested in the show, that's awesome, and like the show wouldn't be what it is without people like that but maybe you need to, like, think about what you're really doing and if it's really worth it.”

She added, “I mean, your mad at her because maybe she offended you so you're going to do the most offensive thing and harass her child? There's no logic.”
If you recall, Richards issued a statement via her Instagram Stories where she addressed her behavior. “Now onto the clip where Mauricio, Pk, Dorit & I are discussing Erika's behavior at Garcelle's party. I had not seen what Erika said to Jax in person but was told about it the following day along with some funny moments as well.” 

“When I said it's not funny, but it is funny, I meant Erika being drunk was funny, but what she said to Jax was not,” she explained. “I hope you know me well enough by now to know I certainly do not condone speaking to children like that.”

“We are all parents and certainly wouldn't want anyone speaking to any of our children like that,” she continued. “Until Mexico, we had never seen Erika drink like that. So this was new behavior we were seeing,” she said. “I think while focusing on that the more important issue was being minimalized.”

She concluded by adding, “Anyways, I never post things like this but I felt absolutely terrible watching these clips so I wanted to share with you.”

Since then, Richards shared that she and her husband apologized to Garcelle. She said during a recent Amazon Live that she “felt terrible” watching herself call Jayne’s drunken behavior “not funny … but funny.”

“You’d think after 12 years, I would know better, but we screwed up — I did. I messed up,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said, adding that she and her husband — who thought Jayne’s behavior was “great” — both apologized to Beauvais, according to Page Six.

Richards said she felt her apology to Beauvais was “personal” and didn’t want “go tell everybody” about it, which is why she didn’t mention it on her Instagram while previously addressing the drama.

“But I’m saying it now because a lot of people don’t think I apologized to her, but my husband and I did immediately.”

Richards notes that she “never should have commented on something that [she] hadn’t even seen [for herself].”

She added that she’s “sorry if [she] disappointed anybody in that moment” and revealed that the ordeal caused her to “stop watching the show” in order to “disconnect from that a bit.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (2)