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Kyle Richards Says She Apologized To Sutton Stracke After Accusing Her Of Lying About Previous Miscarriages And Defends Reaction To Erika Jayne Telling Off Garcelle Beauvais’ Son — Garcelle Seemingly Responds By Praising Her Sons On Instagram!

Kyle Richards faced major backlash following the recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Prior to the episode airing, the OG housewife was slammed after a series of previews were released and she got called out by fans for her remarks after she accused Sutton Stracke of lying about her two previous miscarriages and also said it was "funny" that Erika Jayne cursed at Garcelle Beauvais' teenage son Jax.

The Bravo reality star took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday and released a statement where she addressed her behavior.

"Hi guys, I wanted to share some things with you about this week's episode. I have not seen it yet but have seen the clips floating around online," she began. "First, let's address my comment to Sutton."

"When Diana was sharing her story about having a miscarriage I was taken aback because I felt like Sutton wasn't letting Diana have her moment to share what she had just recently gone through," Kyle explained. "I had obviously had a few drinks and didn't express myself clearly & I was disappointed in the way I handled myself altogether." 

"When I woke up the next morning I thought about what happened the night before and I realized that maybe Sutton was sharing her story with Diana to connect with her in some way," she wrote. "I immediately called Sutton and apologized to her. I consider Sutton a close friend and care about her a lot. Sutton accepted my apology and we moved on."

Then, Kyle discussed the scene where she is chatting with her husband Mauricio Umansky, as well as Dorit Kemsley and her husband Paul, about Erika's drunken interaction with Garcelle's teenage son Jax.

"Now onto the clip where Mauricio, Pk, Dorit & I are discussing Erika's behavior at Garcelle's party. I had not seen what Erika said to Jax in person but was told about it the following day along with some funny moments as well." 

"When I said it's not funny, but it is funny, I meant Erika being drunk was funny, but what she said to Jax was not," she explained. "I hope you know me well enough by now to know I certainly do not condone speaking to children like that."

"We are all parents and certainly wouldn't want anyone speaking to any of our children like that," she continued. "Until Mexico, we had never seen Erika drink like that. So this was new behavior we were seeing," she said. "I think while focusing on that the more important issue was being minimalized."

She concluded by adding, "Anyways, I never post things like this but I felt absolutely terrible watching these clips so I wanted to share with you."

As for Garcelle, she reacted to the clip when a fan tagged her in a tweet. She replied, "Nope never saw this scene until now 😡."

The following day, Beauvais shared a photo on Instagram of her three sons. "This is an appreciation post for my sons Oliver, Jax, & Jaid," she captioned the post on Tuesday. "You boys make me so proud… you are loving, kind, and respectful. You show respect to people even when they don't deserve it. Respect is a reflection of your character, not theirs 💙💙💙" she wrote.

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (3)