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Crystal Kung Minkoff Sets The Record Straight On Rumors She Lost 14 Friends; Says “It Was Only 3 People. The Rest Came Back And Apologized”

Crystal Kung Minkoff is setting the record straight on the rumors that she was dropped by fourteen of her friends. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star addressed the topic during a recent Instagram Story Q&A session.

"In the end. It was only 3 people. The rest came back and apologized. But success affects people in different ways," she wrote. "It affects people around you too. Some can't handle it. Some celebrate it. Don't let your success stop you from achieving your goals."

She added, "Don't let others convince you that you don't deserve it. And if you lose them. They were never your friends to begin with."

if you recall, the topic of Crystal losing her friends became a topic of discussion during the June 15th episode of the Bravo hit reality series. During the trip to Mexico, Lisa Rinna shared that Crystal once told her “she had a falling-out with, like, 14 of her friends.”

According to a report via Bravo's The Daily Dish, Crystal later addressed the story in the comments of a post on the topic shared by Housewife Haikus on Instagram, which was then reposted by Comments By Bravo. “They say as you get older, your circle gets smaller,” Crystal wrote. “And I’m so grateful.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal