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Noella Bergener Claims Her ‘RHOC’ Co-Stars ‘Were Almost Jealous’ Of Her ‘Agony’ Amid Divorce!

Noella Bergener believes some of her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars were jealous of the tragedies that she dealt with while filming the Bravo hit reality series. 

“It’s a weird world to be in. Like, my agony – people were almost jealous of it,” Bergener told Page Six.

“The crazy thing was, a lot of times some of these conversations were shut down, which is infuriating. Like, I’m grieving my active divorce and being shut down by women,” she continued.

“These other women are suddenly judging me because, like, three months ago my husband just left and I have a feeling about that that day … How dare I not be done with that already and just stop with my annoying feelings and emotions!” she told Page Six.

Bergener was the first black and openly bisexual woman to star on “RHOC.” During her first season, Noella faced her son’s autism diagnosis, her dad’s death, and a shocking divorce filing from her ex-husband, James, all in the months right before, during, and after filming.

Bergener received criticism from some of her co-stars who thought she focused too much on her own tragedies and didn’t listen to their struggles.

The former model revealed that her divorce has been finalized and she’s officially single, but custody over 3-year-old son James Jr. and any form of spousal support has not yet been determined.

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (2)