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Lisa Rinna And Photo Agency Settle $1.2 Million Copyright Lawsuit!

According to court records via Radar Online, Lisa Rinna reached a settlement with the paparazzi agency that sued the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star for millions for sharing copyrighted photos on social media without their consent.

The outlet reports that a lawyer for the agency recently told the court, “The parties have agreed to settle this case with a full and final release of all claims and parties.” 

 The development means both parties will avoid a public trial and the case will be officially closed no later than July 15.

As previously reported, the photo agency filed a federal lawsuit against Rinna over 8 photos they took of her that she reposted on her Instagram without permission.

The company said they owned the rights to the images that were shared to Rinna’s 2.7 million Instagram followers. The suit revealed Rinna had ignored a cease and desist fired off by the company in February 2021.

The agency told the court via Radar Online, “each posted photograph elicits thousands, and frequently, hundreds of thousands of comments from fans. Moreover, the account is not private, so anyone, including those who do not “follow” her account, has access and can view the uploaded photographs, including the photographs at issue in this lawsuit.”

The company said they had "suffered substantial economic damage" and demanded $1.2 million.

In response, the Bravo reality star accused the agency of “wrongfully “setting up” celebrities to augment its income during the COVID pandemic, by taking photographs and racing out to have the photos copyrighted.”

She argued the agency’s alleged damages were precluded by its own fraudulent conduct. Rinna demanded the entire lawsuit be thrown out of court, reported Radar Online.

Both parties were headed to trial next month which was expected to last 2 to 3 days.

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal