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Vicki Gunvalson’s Fiancé Steve Lodge Slams Lisa Vanderpump For Enforcing COVID Mandate At TomTom!

Steve Lodge, the fiancé of Real Housewives of Orange County alum Vicki Gunvalson, called out Lisa Vanderpump via Instagram after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum’s TomTom Restaurant & Bar in West Hollywood announced it will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test before guests can enter the premises.

“Whatever happened to the right of privacy of your health records?” Lodge asked in a video posted Tuesday. “I guess someone forgot to tell them that vaccinated people can also spread and get COVID.”

After laying out a number of “other contagious viruses,” including the flu, Ebola, hepatitis A and B, rabies and measles, Lodge said, “This is not a decision that they made in science but rather fear.”

The Republican California gubernatorial candidate smiled while suggesting at the end of his video that people should “spend their restaurant dollars elsewhere.”

He captioned the post, “Restaurants that are requiring vaccinations and testing are violating the medical privacy of their customers. I don’t see Restaurant’s [sic] requiring disclosure of any of the more dangerous contagious viruses. A vaccination also doesn’t mean you can’t contract or spread the virus, so what’s the point? Is this just theatre? It’s certainly not science.”

He added, “I suppose you can say, her restaurant her choice. But where does this discrimination stop against a virus with 99.8 percent survival rate? This is a very slippery slope and we need to stop and use reason and logic, not fear and hysteria.”

Meanwhile, the CDC says vaccinated people can indeed spread the novel coronavirus, recent data showed that over 97 percent of people who end up in the hospital with the virus are unvaccinated.

While Vanderpump has yet to respond to Lodge’s comments, TomTom said its “priority has always been the protection” of its staff and guests.

The establishment first announced that they will be asking guests to show proof of vaccination or a COVID negative test within 24 hours.

The page shared its news via Instagram. They captioned, “Due to the increase in COVID cases and the Delta variant, as of August 4th, we will require all guests to show proof of vaccination, or a negative Covid test within 24 hours, before entry. Proof of vaccination can be in the form of a vaccine card, a digital version, scan or photo of vaccine card, and match your valid ID. Our priority has always been the protection of our staff and guests. Please help us keep our community safe, and let’s beat this together. #GetVaccinated”

In late June, Lodge announced that he was running for governor of California. Lodge announced his campaign in an Instagram post, writing, “I was born and raised in California and spent my adult life here, it was a time when people still called California the Golden State. I raised my children in California, and now I am watching my grandchildren grow up here.”

“However, I can no longer stand by and watch my beautiful state being destroyed by bad decisions made by Sacramento career politicians,” he continued. “It's time for the people of California to regain control of their government, not only at the state level, but in the counties, cities, and school boards.”

“Enough is enough, California,” Lodge wrote. “Help me 'Make California, California Again.' I will lead this movement with your help to see California once again as the Golden State she once was.”

In an accompanying video message, Lodge added that he'll be sharing his “strategy on how to save California” in the coming days.

Gunvalson reposted Lodge's video on her own Instagram account minutes after the retired homicide detective announced his campaign.

“I'm so proud of Steve!” Gunvalson, who got engaged to Lodge in 2019, wrote in the caption. “Go get 'em!”


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal; Getty Images