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Report: Kenya Moore Files For Divorce From Husband Marc Daly, Demands Primary Custody Of Daughter Brooklyn!

According to a new report, Kenya Moore has filed for divorce from her husband Marc Daly and wants full custody of their daughter.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star filed for divorce from her husband in May.

In the petition, Kenya listed the date of marriage as June 10, 2017. She listed the date of separation as September 19. 2019. Kenya says since they split they have lived in a “bonafide state of separation since that date.”

Kenya says the marriage is “irretrievably broken” with no hopes of reconciliation. She listed their only child as being their daughter Brooklyn born in 2018.

Moore is demanding sole physical and legal custody of their baby girl. Kenya says “the parties have acquired other joint personal property as a result of their marriage by way of gifts or joint purchases which must be equitably divided as well as martial debt which must be equitably divided.”

Around the same time, the Bravo reality star pleaded with the court to set an emergency hearing.

Kenya’s lawyers wrote, “To date, there are various issues impacting the care, safety and well-being of the minor child that could be continuously impacted if not addressed at least on a ‘Temporary’ basis. Without assistance and direction for this Honorable Court, it is our belief that the un- resolved matters as to the minor child will continue, and could become irreparable.”

On June 11, Marc responded to Kenya’s petition and slapped her with his own suit, according to court docs via Radar Online. He is asking for joint legal custody but is onboard with his ex having primary custody. Marc is also asking for the court to award him his “separate real and personal property.”

He also claims their marital residence was the home Kenya purchased in Georgia. He says he wants an “equitable division of the parties’ marital residence.” Marc also wants the court to order Kenya to pay his legal fees in the case. The case is still ongoing.

Recently, Kenya’s lawyers pleaded for the case to be sealed. They wrote, “The Petitioner is a high-profile individual who has a vested and heightened interest in keeping her private life from becoming public. Due to her public persona, the Petitioner’s life, safety, and privacy interests are generally the subject of media outlets and as such.”

The attorney added, “Petitioner has reason to believe that the information contained in this action might be utilized by said outlets to further harass, molest or aggravate her life.”

According to Radar Online, the judge has yet to rule on her motion.


Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Vince Flores/Startraks