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Noella Bergener Reveals The Reason Why She Is No Longer Friends With Braunwyn Windham-Burke And Teases The Topic Will Be Addressed On ‘RHOC’ Season 16!

Noella Bergener is addressing the reason why she and Braunwyn Windham-Burke are no longer friends amid her joining The Real Housewives of Orange County after Braunwyn's exit from the Bravo hit reality series.

In the comment section of a recent Instagram post, Bergener addressed the topic and teased that the fallout will be addressed in Season 16 of RHOC.

A user asked, “What happened with you and @braunwynwindhamburke ?!”

Noella teased, “Stay tuned,” adding a sad face emoji.

“Are you and Braunwyn still friends? I saw y’all unfollowed each other…” an Instagram user asked the RHOC newbie.

“Nope,” Noella replied, according to a report by Reality Blurb.

The same user then asked that the two seemed like “such good friends,” to which Noella admitted that she no longer trusts the mother-of-seven.

“It was a great friendship till it wasn’t. I’ve wanted to call her so many times since our bad breakup but without trust you have nothing. Wishing you and yours well,” Noella explained

Bergener was then asked if her joining the new season of RHOC had anything to do with their fallout, Noella hinted that the topic will be addressed on the show.

“Will you be sharing what happened on the show or no?” the first person asked.

“Yes,” Noella confirmed.

“Did the relationship end because of opportunities that one of you had that the other wanted to continue with? Jealousy?” asked the second.

“Yes but it was more about lost trust,” Noella wrote.


Photo Credit: Courtesy via Braunwyn Windham Burke/Instagram