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Karen Hugher Weighs In On Gizelle Bryant Bringing Up “Cruel And Unnecessary” Cheating Rumors About Wendy Osefo’s Husband Eddie!

Karen Huger is sharing her thoughts on Gizelle Bryant bringing up the alleged cheating rumors about Wendy Osefo's husband, Eddie Osefo, during the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

"Rumors are always swirling around in this group and I just refuse to be one to [entertain it]," Karen told E! News. "I don't support it and I go directly to the source. I talked to Wendy, she says it's not true. That's all I need to know. I'm not going to bring it up to the group for drama or extra punch. I am an extra punch all by myself. So I just think it's a little cruel and unnecessary."

Karen added, "But Wendy handles her own and I certainly support she and Eddie as a couple. I'm so happy for them."

Karen and Gizelle have been beefing since Season 6 premiered on Bravo. So is there any chance of a rekindled friendship between them?

"I'm always hopeful but unfortunately Gizelle is slow to change," Karen shared. "And I am just in a point in my life where I am at acceptance of those and the actions they bring. I'm always hopeful that she will get on the bandwagon because all of the ladies, we are having a great time and I am friends with everyone."

She continued, "Even though Robyn is her ride or die and I have much respect for that, we have our moments because of her commitment to Gizelle regardless of what she says or does. I'm still OK with Robyn, and Mia, Wendy and Ashley and Candiace," Huger told E! News. "We are just having a great time. I'm just hoping that Gizelle will get on the bandwagon with the ladies and change. Change is going to be required because these women are dynamic and they're not taking the bullying anymore and they don't have to. So she'll have to come correct."

She added, "Am I hopeful about our relationship? I always have a small amount of hope for us because we were good in the day."


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