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Kandi Burruss And Husband Todd Tucker Reportedly Hit With $15,000 Tax Lien!

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the IRS has filed a federal lien against Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker's company, Burruss Tucker Restaurant Group LLC.

The government says the Real Housewives of Atlanta star has refused to pay up on the $15,812.52 owed for her 2020 bill. The bill remains active and has yet to be paid off by the power couple.

The lien was filed against their property on June 3, 2021. The IRS warns if the bill is not paid in full, they will begin the process of seizing Kandi’s property and assets.

The news comes after the couple’s restaurant s Old Lady Gang and Blaze have faced multiple issues with the health department.

In May 2021, Kandi was forced to temporarily shut down Blaze after it failed a health inspection. The Georgia Department of Public Health filed a report accusing the staff of mishandling raw food in the kitchen.

“Food handler touched raw oysters and raw salmon and then proceeded to handle ready to eat leafy greens with the same gloves on improperly. Moving from raw food to ready-to-eat foods is a source of cross-contamination,” the inspector wrote in the May report.

The inspector also found the chemicals were being improperly labeled and the food was being stored at the wrong temperature. Blaze received a score of 55 from the inspector and had to close to make the necessary changes, according to Radar Online.

However, a couple of days later, the establishment reopened. But following the second inspection, Blaze received a score of 77 and a C rating. The staff reportedly still had issues storing the food at the proper temperature.


Photo Credit: Courtesy via Kandi Burruss/Instagram