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Jennifer Aydin Responds To Rumors Her Husband Bill Aydin Cheated After He’s Accused Of Allegedly Taking Another Woman To St. Barts!

Jennifer Aydin is shutting down claims that her husband Bill Aydin is cheating on her after he’s accused of allegedly taking another woman to St. Barts. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star addressed the topic via her TikTok page, which was captured and shared by Instagram fan page RHONJ Obsessed.

“Here’s a fun fact. I am the keeper of all the passports for my family, even Bill. When Bill wants his passport, he asks me for it because I keep them all,” she began as she started to scroll through her husband’s passport, according to Reality Blurb.

“Obviously, I’ve hidden some private information but we can all see that this is, in fact, Bill. Let’s see where Bill has traveled. Here we have some stamps. We have Bahamas, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and Dominican Republic. Where else has Bill traveled? Well it looks like nowhere,” she said.

“That’s it. Dominican Republic is the last place that we went to, the last place that he went to, I should say, and that’s it. Sorry to burst your bubble, folks,” she concluded.

According to the outlet, the Bravo reality star confirmed the date of the issue as of February 20, 2018.

As previously reported, the popular Instagram page DeuxMoi shared juicy tea about the drama going on in Season 12 of the Bravo hit reality series.

While the tip does not outwardly name Jennifer or Bill, the couple is certainly implied in the anonymous email that was sent to the celebrity gossip site.

“I got some tea to spill straight out of New Jersey…. This HW husband from NJ had an affair 10 years ago (not Jackie) and Marge found  out and told everyone at Tre’s party. Wife is super pissed because only they new about it and had already worked past their issues and now she has to tell her kids about it. Everyone is apparently being super mean to her and calling her a hypocrite for continually slut shaming and coming after Marge for her affair. Big story line for up coming season.” 

However, more tea about the new season was shared as the outlet shared another anonymous email tea about the alleged drama.

“A certain jersey housewife who became famous for wearing pig tails but now mostly wears wigs and fake extensions got doused with a glass of rose over the weekend when she took things too far with another wife she is trying to ice out of the group. She’s more upset though that her friend who she brought onto the show is siding against her and didn’t have her back when she got soaked.”

The news comes after it was reported that the alleged allegations were brought up by Aydin’s co-star and foe, Margaret Josephs while filming Season 12 of the Bravo hit reality series. 

“Margaret has been going around on-camera saying to anyone who will listen that Jennifer has a history of cheating on her husband Dr. Bill Aydin,” a source told The Sun.

The source added that, “Melissa Gorga, Margaret and Jackie Goldschnieder are behaving like mean girls” and are “demanding that if Teresa Giudice wants to have peace with them, she needs to distance herself from Jennifer.” 

The pressure has left Jennifer with “no one to film with besides Dolores Catania and part-timer Caroline Rauseo,” with the trio “hoping Jennifer is fired next,” the source shared. “This has been creating extreme animosity between Teresa and Jennifer on and off camera over the past couple months.”

“In June when filming started Teresa immediately made up with Jackie and now the couples have been playing golf regularly,” the source continued. “Between June and July Melissa, Margaret & Jackie disinvited Jennifer from numerous events.” 

The source said that Jennifer’s loyalty to Teresa over the past three seasons is no longer being reciprocated. 

“Jennifer backed up Teresa causing her to get in the hot seat at the reunion,” the source noted. 

The source added that despite Jennifer’s clear loyalty, “Teresa has continued to attend the trio's events. This has all gotten back to Jennifer who feels extremely betrayed by the entire cast and feels like she has no one to trust.”


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal; Getty Images