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Chyka Keebaugh Releases Statement Following Photoshop Drama With Fomer ‘RHOMelbourne’ Co-Star Lydia Schiavello! Chyka Believes Lydia Deliberately Edited Instagram Photo To Make Her Look Heavier; Says “Sadly I Do Know The Truth And She Did Do It”

Chyka Keebaugh believes that her former Real Housewives of Melbourne co-star Lydia Schiavello deliberately edited the now-deleted Instagram photo to make her look heavier.

“Sadly I do know the truth and she did do it, but at the end of the day it says more about her and I feel very supported and loved,” Chyka told The Daily Mail Australia. “I honestly believe Lydia edited... It was always one of her favourite things to do. Regardless, she still put up the photo knowing it 100 per cent wasn't right.”

Keebaugh also shared a statement following the scandal via her Instagram Stories. “I actually wasn’t going to comment on the following photo, however I have had so many people message me  about it ..I decided I would.. [Chessie Keebaugh] said it perfectly … what is the point in pulling another woman down.. I’m all about positivity, empowerment and raising woman up.. I think that’s all I need to say!!”

She concluded, “Thank you to everyone who has made me feel so protected and loved ..”

Chyka added a heart sticker that says, “Thank you so much!”

If you recall, Schiavello was accused of badly photoshopping a throwback photo she shared on Instagram.

In the photo, Lydia is seen posing with Keebaugh, Pettifleur Berenger, and Janet Roach. Fans noticed that Lydia appeared slimmer while Chyka looked heavier. 

In the now-deleted post, Chyka’s stomach looks very stretched out compared to the original photo. Pettifleur's top also appears smudged and blurred. 

The photo in question has since been deleted but the Instagram page, So Dramatic Media, captured and shared it on their page, which they also shared side by side with the original photo.

Prior to deleting the photo, Lydia defended herself in the comment section of the post. She wrote, “It’s an old photo from Season 2 no photoshop , I wouldn’t do that after being fat shamed myself.”

Then, former Foxtel reality star revealed that she did not edit the photo herself but instead claimed it was sent to her by someone else, and naively uploaded it to Instagram because she thought it “looked great.”

“Hi Chyka,” she wrote on Instagram, according to The Daily Mail Australia. “I was sent many old photos of previous seasons of Real Housewives of Melbourne. I thought this was a great photo of us all and it's something we can't do now. It was never my intention to offend anyone. Sending love.”

Lydia took to her Instagram Story and shared another throwback photo which she is seen posing with her former co-stars. 

She captioned the post, “Last post deleted. My apology to all.”

She added, “After being fat shamed I would not intentionally do that to any one.”

However, Chyka’s daughter, Chessie Keebaugh, came to her mother’s defense and slammed Schaivello.

The plus-size model shared her statement via her Instagram Story. “A grown woman posted this yesterday,” she began. “Seven years on and the worst editing job I’ve ever seen. I laughed when I was shown [it] because it's truly the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen.”

“But I actually woke up incredibly mad that in 2021 a woman went out of her way to bring another woman down. Yes, it’s my mother, but taking a step back from that,” she continued. “This is so high school and actively malicious, I'm truly in shock. What fiftysomething woman sits at home morphing herself to look thin and the woman next to her large?”

She added: “I worry for your mindset. It poses serious questions around your ego. Are you that desperately in need of attention and your ego stroked that you’re willing to do that at another person’s expense? Girl... I'm embarrassed for you.”

Chessie later shared a screenshot of her DM where it appears that Lydia reacted to her statement by sharing a laughing emoji and a message from Schiavello.

Lydia allegedly wrote to Chessie, “Tragic girl. Get it together,” she wrote. “You can block me again. No need for us to have access for one another. I don't welcome your type of energy in my life.” 

Chessie shared the message via her Instagram Story, to which she captioned the post, “Someone tell this “woman” to get out of my dms.” 

She added, “I don’t even think my embarrassment for her can extend this far.” 

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Photo Credit: Foxtel (2)