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Rachel Lugo Explains Why She Gets “Frustrated” By The Misconception That ‘RHOCheshire’ Viewers Think She Doesn’t Work And Is “Just A Rich Housewife”

Rachel Lugo explains why she gets "frustrated" by the misconception that she's "just a stay-at-home mum" despite being a successful businesswoman.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star is a co-owner of Gatley Green Construction and Property Management - renting luxury houses to the likes of international footballers.

And now the mother-of-five is launching her own interiors business, having become a single mom in early 2019.

Rachel says she "totally" thinks there's a misconception she doesn't work and is "just a rich housewife".

"Real Housewives viewers haven’t seen the business side of me so it’s always very frustrating, because the girls know I work but when you’re a property landlord, it doesn’t take you away every single day," she told The Sun

She continued, "It’s difficult to show, unless I did the odd viewing or something. Now finally people will see the businesswoman I’ve always been. I’m a real grafter and I'm excited to show that, it’s been a long time coming."

"I’m sick of saying ‘girls, I work, I work really hard, I don’t sleep very much, I’m always working’," she added. "But there is this huge misconception and it’s partly my fault, especially if the viewer believes I’m just a stay-at-home housewife, but hopefully they’ll start to see that other side of me."

Photo Credit: ITVBe