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Gizelle Bryant Opens Up About Dating After Split From Ex Jamal Bryant!

Gizelle Bryant is talking about her dating life after her rekindled romance with ex-husband Jamal Bryant fizzled out once again.

“Listen, we were a victim of the pandemic,” the Real Housewives of Potomac star told E! News. “I don't think any long distance relationship can really withstand not seeing each other. But is he still in my life, is he still one of my best friends? Absolutely.” 

“Has it started? Oh my gosh, yes!” she said with a laugh. “Gizelle's out here, she's dating, she's doing her thing, she's having fun. And you know, I really enjoy just being free, feeling free, and not having to think about compromising about anything.”

The Bravo reality star shares that her three daughters are also eager to see her get back out there again. “They will always take my lead and they just want me to be happy, one way or another,” Gizelle explained.

So how did her daughters -- Adore, Angel, and Grace -- react to her split from Jamal? “To be honest with you, we were all in a pandemic and they really didn't care because they were doing school virtually, their life was at that point in the dumps, in their mind,” Gizelle continued. “We just had other things to think about. Their only concern is just my happiness. As long as mommy's happy, they're happy.” 

In May 2021, Gizelle got candid about her split from the Atlanta-based Pastor. “There’s an update. There’s a plot twist,” she said on The Breakfast Club on May 28 while promoting her podcast, which she co-hosts along with co-star Robyn Dixon. “So, [Jamal and I] were working on us getting back together, and being back together, but he lives in Atlanta I live in Maryland. With the pandemic, we realized it’s just not the right time. It’s just not gonna work.”

“Right now I am footloose and fancy-free. I am single,” she continued. “I am enjoying my hot girl summer, spring, winter, and fall.”

Despite ending their romance, Gizelle makes it clear that she and Jamal will always have love for one another.

“Jamal will always be in my life. He’s the father to all of my kids,” she explained. “We’ve been together and in each other’s lives [for] 25 years. He is one of my best friends and I to him. I don’t know anyone more than I know a Jamal Bryant.”

In the season six trailer, which Bravo released earlier this week, Gizelle is seen discussing her relationship with Jamal where she revealed to her bestie, Kalixto Blount, that the pandemic was the reason why their romance is falling apart.


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (2)