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Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Says She “Was Picked Up By A New Network” To Produce A New Show Following Her ‘RHOC’ Exit!

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas has revealed that she has been picked up by another network to work on a new show after she was axed from The Real Housewives of Orange County.

The Mexican-American beauty took to Instagram to reveal that she is working on a show as she seeks her followers to give her ideas of what type of show they would like for her to work on. 

“I need to know from you – the viewer what type of content or what type of show you would like to see come out of Orange County, California,” she began to ask her followers in an Instagram video clip. “I have some ideas, an entrepreneurial show of five entrepreneurs go on built their dream and it gets funded at the end – showcasing all the entrepreneurs that are currently in business here in Orange County – making a young family that are growing and trying to break it – dating singles, singles that are ready to mingle in Orange County – The Real Women of Orange County with careers etc.”

She continued, “What type of content would you guys like to see because I may have an opportunity to give you that.” 

“So give me a shout out or comment below on what would you like see come out of Orange County – and keep in mind it doesn’t just have to be Orange County – I am based on Orange County so obviously it would be based here to start with – but it will also be potentially everywhere – so please give me your input – I’m very curious what type of content you would like to see.”

She added, “I know there’s a lot of content out right now but – hey it never hurts to ask so let me know – comment below.”

“I wanted to update everybody on the status of my new show and let everybody know that I’ve taken all of y our comments from my feed below and I morphed them into a wonderful show that I know all of you are going to love,” she began. “I was picked up by a new network right after the Housewives released me from my contract as everyone that watches knows – I’m very proud that I’ll be on a show that I will showcase some of the most influential individuals in the world – I can’t say much about it yet – I’m under strict NDA, however, we will be announcing it shortly and I love all my bloggers, and everybody, so I’m trying to give you as much scoop as I can but I can’t.”

She continued, “I want to thank The Real Housewives of Orange County and the producers for helping me feel so comfortable on camera that I was noticed by another network – that I was able to be in front of another camera, able to showcase who I was to really shine, I guess, on camera which I didn’t think I did – I was really embarrassed last season [of RHOC] – I was a little bit devastated about some of the things but apparently, it all worked out for the best – thank you for all your positive energy, all of your positive comments – everybody who has been following me because the next step of my life it’s going to be amazing, which I’d hoped for and now I’m getting it.”

“Be careful what you wish for, so thank you for all your comments below – please keep leaving the comment below regarding a type of show you would like to see in your city or your country – primarily the U.S. has to start with -- it will be syndicated all over the world – the viewership is a lot brother thank the Housewives, but we all need something to watch and I believe that I can bring something to you guys that you are really going to enjoy.”

 She added, “Thank you for all of your positive energy and all your comments – please continue to leave comments below – we are still picking the type of show – and in fact, we might pick up a few so thank you for everything, and here’s to the next phase of my television career to showcase some positivity.” 

The news comes after was revealed last month that Lyn Vargas along with Kelly DoddBraunwyn Windham-Burke was not asked to return to RHOC for the show's upcoming Season 16. According to reports, Bravo decided not to renew their contracts.

A spokesperson confirmed the news to Variety about Windhand-Burke, Lyn Vargas, and Dodd’s departures. 

Shannon Storms BeadorGina Kirschenheiter, and Emily Simpson, however, are all returning for Season 16. They will be joined by former Housewife Heather Dubrow, who originally left the series in 2017 after five seasons. Variety added that one or two new women will also join the cast.

However, it was reported that Braunwyn’s best friend Noella Bergener is joining the cast for Season 16 after Windham-Burke’s firing. 

“Noella is coming on board as a cast member for the new season, though Braunwyn will not be returning,” a source told The Sun. “They tested her out before the firing decisions were made. She has good chemistry with other potential new cast members.”

Multiple social media pages are reporting that Nicole James is joining the cast of Season 16. The Bravo Guru reported the following: “Filming for Season 16 of The Real Housewives of Orange County is set to begin this month and here’s an update on the new cast shakeup‼️” The outlet continued, “It is rumored that Noella Bergener and Nicole James will be the new housewives joining the show next season. The new girls have connections with Heather who will most likely introduce them to the group.”

The page added, “Season 16 of The Real Housewives of Orange County is expected to premiere on Bravo at a later date. Filming begins very soon!”

That’s not all. It’s also being reported that Tamra Judge is also returning to RHOC as a “friend.” 


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal