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Cynthia Bailey Says She ‘Hit It Off’ With Teresa Giudice While Filming Peacock’s ‘Real Housewives All-Stars’ Vacation Series!

Cynthia Bailey shares new details about the upcoming Peacock Real Housewives All-Stars vacation series. 

“Grown women in a house, or in a villa in our case, [for] eight days and we’re shooting non-stop,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta star told OK! Magazine about the scenario of the series. “It’s a lot of not only big personalities, but a lot of different personalities under one roof, so not everybody is not going to agree. There’s always going to be some conflict.”

Bailed went on to say that she was surprised about how she and Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice got along while filming the series.

“Oh my God, I am like, in love with Teresa Giudice. And she was the one I knew the least and I had never really talked to,” Bailey said. “She is in such a happy place in her life.

“She’s been through a lot, so I was really curious to kind of get to know her. She’s obviously the only one in the group who has been to jail, you know, she’s like the comeback queen," Bailey continued. "She has really, really been through a lot in her personal life, and on the show, and it takes a really strong woman to just land on her feet the way that she has, and even be happier, to be honest."

Cynthia admits she is happy that Teresa found love again with her boyfriend Louie Ruelas following her split from Joe Giudice, similar to what went down with her when she met now-husband Mike Hill following her divorce from Peter Thomas.

“She reminded me of myself when I met [husband] Mike [Hill], Teresa is just in love — just like I’m like, Mike, Mike, Mike, she’s like, Louie, Louie, Louie,” Bailey told OK! Magazine. “Thank you Louie!”

Now that filming for the Peacock series has wrapped, Bailey believes that she’s found a lasting friend in the mother-of-four. “I was excited to get to know her but then I didn’t realize how much we would actually hit it off,” Bailey added. “I really, really like Teresa Giudice a lot. I’m happy to call her my new friend.”


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (2)