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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Reveals Her Biggest ‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Regrets!

Braunwyn Windham-Burke reflects on her time on The Real Housewives of Orange County and shares her biggest regrets from the show following her exit.

 The mother-of-seven admitted that there’s one outfit she regretted the most. “That Hawaiian shirt with the visor on the bus where I was crying,” Braunwyn told Us Weekly. “That’s an easy one! Mine was polyester, there was the visor. If you’re gonna have a breakdown, have a breakdown in Prada.”

The California native noted that there is another moment she hopes her kids don’t see: Her onscreen makeout with Tamra Judge. “So, yeah, that happened. Whoops,” she said. She also mentioned that she regrets saying so much about her recovery off-camera.

What are some of the things she doesn’t regret? Being kind and staying sober. “You can never be too nice. Nice goes a long way,” she added.

“Like, obviously, do I wish I was coming back? Are there things I could have done differently? Probably,” she said. “But, one of the things about the program I’m working [with] is that you don’t have regrets. Everything that I do is for a reason and when to not regret the past or when to shut the door on it. So, if I were to live in the past and regrets, I don’t know where that would lead. So, I don’t have any regrets.”

While parts were certainly difficult, with “ups and downs everywhere,” she added that she will always look back and say, “I’m so glad I did that.”

“Everything that has gotten me here today has gotten me to 505 days sober, so I regret nothing,” she told Us Weekly. “I do want to say, and this is the most important thing that I could say across the board, I am so grateful for the show because I know that without the show I wouldn’t have stayed sober. I wouldn’t have had that accountability that the fans gave me and how can you regret anything when it helped you save your life?”


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal