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Braunwyn Windham-Burke And Husband Sean Burke Announce Temporary Separation After 26 Years Together; They Say “We Need A Break” And “Some Space Right Now”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke and husband Sean Burke revealed they are separating after 26 years together.

The pair detailed their plans to co-parent their seven children during an Instagram Live on Monday, July 12, night. During the video, they shared that Braunwyn will move to Hawaii for the summer while Sean will move into a new place, which Braunwyn’s current girlfriend, Fernanda Rocha, helped him find.

“We are packing up this house, the one we filmed in last year, and we are moving,” the former Real Housewives of Orange County star said during the video, according to Us Weekly. ”We have decided jointly that we are going to take a few months apart.”

Braunwyn noted that she had been “looking for a home” and kept putting offers in and was getting outbid. So, she decided to make a bigger change.

“He is moving into a furnished rental for a few months and I am taking the kids to Hawaii for a while,” she explained. “We have decided jointly that we are going to take a few months apart.

Sean added, “We’re going to see what that’s like, living apart for a little while.”

“What we would like to do is when this is over, get a house that the kids stay in and then we might go [back and forth],” the former reality star said. “We haven’t decided if, after this little experiment of having a few months apart, if we are gonna come back together and live together as friends and family, or if we’re going to just keep the kids in the house and we’ll come in and out. … We need a break. We need some space right now.”

Braunwyn added, “We made the decision that taking some time apart is a good choice. … We love each other. We are family, we are friends.”

Braunwyn came out as a lesbian in December 2020, the pair share seven children Bella (20), Rowan (18), Jacob (15), twins Curran and Caden (8), Koa (6), and Hazel (3). In June, she confirmed that she is dating former RHOC friend Fernanda Rocha.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Braunwyn Windham-Burke/Instagram