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Bershan Shaw Defends Ramona Singer; Says “Ramona Is Not A Racist”

Bershan Shaw is defending Ramona Singer after recent episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City have shown the OG cast member clashing with newbie Eboni K. Williams.

“I gotta tell you, Ramona is not a racist,” Bershan told Us Weekly. “I’d say this again. Everyone’s like, ‘She’s a racist.’ She’s not. … We just grew up in different ways in different areas.”

“Ramona didn’t grow up in a diverse area, right?” Bershan explained, defending her costar’s actions in the episode. “So, Ramona lives in her bubble, right? Her friends. But when we met in the summer, we hit it off. … She’s a straight shooter.”

Bershan believes Ramona is like many New York City residents in that they don’t venture far afield from the areas where they live.

“I’m not like, you know, kissing her butt … but she’s like a lot of New Yorkers,” Shaw told the publication. “They stay in their neighborhoods. They’re here, they’re there. I just think she has a world — it’s Upper East Side. She goes to the Hamptons. That’s her world and that’s her own bubble.”

Bershan is the latest addition to the cast of RHONY, joining as a “friend” of the Housewives for season 13, but she wouldn’t be opposed to becoming a full-time Bravolebrity.

“Never say never,” she told Us Weekly. “I mean, look, I like the girls. I like what Bravo’s doing. … They’re trying to step it up. I like that.”

Early in season 13 of RHONY, currently airing on Bravo, Ramona had a tense discussion with Eboni after she referred to some of her staff as “the help.”

More recently, during the Tuesday, June 29, episode of the Bravo hit reality series, she further raised eyebrows at Eboni’s Harlem dinner party. Ramona left early, and days later, refused to discuss the 2020 presidential election with Eboni. Williams accused Singer of gaslighting, while Ramona claimed Eboni was being “preachy” and she just wanted to “escape” the news.

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