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Nicole Sealey Recalls How Her Past Pregnancy News Turned Into Rare Cancer Diagnosis!

Nicole Sealey recalls how her pregnancy news turned into a rare cancer diagnosis. The Real Housewives of Cheshire was diagnosed with Choriocarcinoma - a fast-growing cancer that occurs in a woman's uterus.

Speaking on YouTube show Sippin’ the Tea, Sealey told hosts Matt Dillon and Ariane Andrew how she thought she was pregnant and multiple trips to the hospital left doctors suggesting she had miscarried.

"It was a weird one because they thought I was pregnant again, so I had been back and forth to the hospital," she said, according to Manchester Evening News.

She said the sonographer told her that she had 'clearly miscarried'.

"I had a couple of laparoscopies and they said that I must have miscarried and at this point they hadn't seen the tumor", she said. "I remember it was early days of the business and I had this blue pick up truck and I will never forget because everyone used to laugh and say 'why have you not bought yourself a flash car?'"

"I said it's fine the houses come first the cars come later," she continued. "I left the hospital and I remember driving back and I had a little bit of an accident, not a bad one, and I don't know why."

"But I went over the roundabout and just took a little corner out the front of the car, the bumper, and I don't know what made me but I turned around and drove myself back to the hospital and by this point, I am not really a crier, but I was obviously very hormonal from the cancer and didn't realise and I went back in," she explained. "I said 'I don't know what is wrong with me, but I know there is something wrong'."

"The gynaecologist I am still under now admitted me and just by luck she had done a thesis at university on the cancer I had at the hospital I was, which hadn't had a case in 50 years," she said.

The ITVBe reality star recalls thinking she wouldn't be around to 'do her daughter's hair'.

"I was going through all these feelings. They can't say to you 'we can't tell you if you're not going to die'," Nicole said. "And that was a question that I asked - 'well am I going to die?'"

"They said 'look it is very curable, but we can't say that because we don't know how far it has spread and that's all we can say'.

"I had a little vision of not being able to do [daughter's] hair and that's the truth, all I could think about if I die who will be able to do her hair?" Sealey continued. "No one would be able to because her hair is so curly. I think I was fine, I adapted quite quickly and didn't really overthink it."

"I did become really sick because I was allergic to one of the drugs, so did have a difficult time. I was a patient in the hospital which was difficult as well with a child for six months. Now they treat it differently, if you had it now you would be treated as an outpatient."

Nicole left school at 15 with no qualifications.

"I couldn't even type or use a computer when I left school," she shared. Nicole said she got herself a computer and taught herself and says that, and believing she could do it, is how her career started.

Nicole has since managed to build three successful companies - NTS Premier Services, NTS Healthcare, and NTS property services - which last year boasted a combined turnover of £10m.

Sealey has three grown children Remi, Luka and Kira. She lives in Alderley Edge with former footballer husband Joe Sealey.


Photo Credit: ITVBe; Monkey