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Leah McSweeney Calls Out Heather Thomson For ‘Spinning Lies’ About Why ‘She Really Stopped’ Filming ‘RHONY’ Season 13; Says “Falsely Accusing Me Of Assault Is Wrong, Dangerous, Inappropriate And A Sad Attempt To Save Face”

Leah McSweeney is firing back amid her ongoing feud with Heather Thomson. The Real Housewives of New York City star addressed many things, including her take on why Heather stopped filming as a "friend of" during season 13 and Heather's claim that she was "assaulted."

"I'm seeing a narrative emerge that I'm not comfortable with and thus feel the need to speak out," Leah shared via Instagram stories on June 8, according to E! News. "Heather was unable to forge natural connections with any of the women and that is why she discontinued filming. Everything that she's been saying about me in the press these last few weeks bears no resemblance to reality."

Leah continued, "I took issue with her from the beginning because I'm not a fan of disingenuous people. She says one thing in the press and another to people's faces. Say what you mean, mean what you say. I never once lied to her or about her. It's no secret that I was having a hard time on this trip due to the tremendous personal loss that I was dealing with in real time. Heather was well aware of this and acknowledged it. I apologized to everyone for being aggressive and squashed it, including with Heather."

"To now have her out in the press spinning lies about me while openly attacking my mental health and sobriety journey and falsely accusing me of assault is wrong, dangerous, inappropriate and a sad attempt to save face simply because she couldn't hang/cut it on the show. You will see all of this play out in the coming episodes/see for yourself."

Leah added, "there are some historic issues that we address this season that are far more important than trying to keep Heather relevant which are being clouded over."

"In closing Heather has accomplished nothing but proven my point. The entire reason I took issue with her in the first place has now happened to me/come full circle," the Bravolebrity concluded. "She defames women to lift herself up. I won't allow myself to be dragged down in this dumb bulls--t because she can't be honest about why she really stopped filming."

In response to Leah's lengthy statement, Heather told E! News, "Watch the show tonight. Look at the show and form your own opinion. That, to me, speaks louder than anything."


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