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Lawyer Demands Erika Girardi Turn Over Her ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Contract Amid Tom Girardi Divorce And Ongoing Legal Scandal!

The lawyer investigating Erika Jayne wants to grill her accountant about her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills contract and how much she spends a month on glam.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the Pretty Mess singer's close associates are set to be dragged into her estranged husband Thomas Girardi’s bankruptcy case.

Jayne is currently facing accusations she helped embezzle money with Girardi. The disgraced lawyer has been accused of screwing over his former clients, business partners, and lenders. Many accuse him of using his client’s settlement money to fund his lavish lifestyle with Jayne.

One lender believes the Bravo reality star received over $20 million from Girardi. His creditors believe he transferred the money in an attempt to hide his assets, reports the outlet. Girardi was forced into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and a trustee has been put in control of his finances.

The trustee hired a lawyer named Ronald Richards to investigate Jayne. He believes she received money and property from Girardi. He wants all of it returned but Jayne has refused to comply with the request saying all the items were “gifts” and she has no obligation to return them.

Richards also questions whether Jayne’s divorce from Girardi is a “sham” meant to avoid paying debts. So far, he claims Jayne has refused to open her books for review.

In the past week, he has informed the court he wants to start questioning people close to the BHOBH star. In new court documents via Radar Online, the lawyer says he wants to depose Jayne’s divorce Larry Ginsburg from the firm Harris Ginsburg LLP.

He wants copies of all payments Jayne made to the law firm. He says the examination of the lawyer will “also potentially identify any aiders and abettors assisting Erika in hiding the Debtor’s assets. Payments to an attorney are not privileged nor are Harris Ginsburg’s financial records.”

The trustee also wants to grill the homeowner who is renting his $1.5 million Hollywood pad to Jayne. He wants to grill him on how the RHOBH star makes her rent payments.

Now, Richards says he wants to question Jayne’s business manager/accountant Michael J. Ullman. He claims the attorney helped his client create a business Pretty Mess, Inc.

He told the court Ullman is in possession of all of Jayne’s financial records. According to court records obtained by Radar Online, Richards wants the manager to turn over a ton of documents including her Real Housewives contracts, all records for her LLCs, and any communications she had with the IRS.

According to the outlet, Richards also has questions about payments Jayne made to her glam squad and a car purchase made in November 2020. A judge has yet to rule on his request to depose her associates.


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal