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Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi And Kelly Dodd Get Into A Messy Feud — Read Their Shady Statements And Social Media Posts Here!

Golnesa Gharachedaghi slammed “insecure bully” Kelly Dodd, saying that she’s “soooo glad” that she won’t be returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“Out with the a** and in with the class!” the Shahs of Sunset wrote on social media Wednesday following the announcement that Dodd’s contract was not renewed.

Gharachedaghi first commented under Bravo’s official Instagram post announcing Heather Dubrow’s return. “Yessss!!! Love Heather! Soooo glad KD is gone. Sorry not sorry.”

Dodd released a statement via Page Six about Gharachedaghi’s diss. Kelly said she is unaware of who Gharachedaghi even is since she doesn’t “watch that show.”

“Unfortunately there are a lot of haters in the world,” she told the publication. “Fortunately I get far more love than hate. I choose to focus on the thousands and thousands of well wishes and messages of support I’ve already received today.”

Dodd then took to Twitter to slam GG and shared a link from Page Six who reported about the diss, which she tweeted, “who is this chick?”

Following Dodd’s shady statement, GG clapped back and called out Dodd via Instagram. 

“So apparently, Kelly Dodd wants to talk a little bit of s–t and say she doesn’t know my show, she doesn’t know who I am, she’s never seen it,” GG began in a video posted to Instagram on Thursday. “No problem. That’s OK.”

“It’s probably why you’re not even on Bravo anymore, because if you don’t know your own Bravo family, you don’t belong in the Bravo family,” Gharachedaghi continued. “I’ve been on Bravo a looong time before you and guess what? I’m going to be on Bravo a long time after you,” Gharachedaghi said in the clip to Dodd. “I’m an OG of my show, I’m a starter of my show, and I will be a closer of my show.”

Aside from her video, Gharachedaghi also responded to Dodd’s claims in her caption, writing, “Since you said you’ve never heard of me @kellyddodd allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Golnesa but sometimes it’s Lochnesa.”

She added, “The ‘sometimes’ is up to you. Now come meet me at the karma cafe, today’s special is humble pie.”

Dodd’s rep told us, “Yes, she knows Reza and hung out with him and likes him a lot. Of course she knows of the show, but she doesn’t watch the show and doesn’t know Golnesa. Also she doesn’t care what she has to say.”

After the social media back-and-forth, Dodd’s rep told Page Six in a statement, “Yes, she knows Reza and hung out with him and likes him a lot. Of course she knows of the show, but she doesn’t watch the show and doesn’t know Golnesa. Also she doesn’t care what she has to say.”

The rep added that Dodd only came after Gharachedaghi because the “Shahs” star “came after Kelly first and talked s–t about her when news broke.”

“So for her to post a video accusing Kelly of talking s–t about HER is a joke,” the rep said. “This was a calculated effort to draw attention to herself and apparently it’s working. Again, Kelly doesn’t know her and doesn’t care about her and she’s done talking about this non-event.”

However, their beef continued when Gharachedaghi called Dodd a “racist” for mispronouncing her name during one of their many squabbles on social media this week.

“I don’t know who this ghoul girl is, goulash, or whatever her name is,” Dodd said in a now-deleted Instagram video on Thursday. “I don’t know her!”

Gharachedaghi — who was “born almost practically deaf” and wears a hearing aid — reposted the video and asked Dodd, “Did you just disrespect MY CULTURE by purposely saying my name like that? I would’ve thought getting fired for being a racist would’ve been a big enough lesson but I forgot we’re talking about a privileged person that doesn’t need to change their ways.”

“I am so glad for your departure because when Bravo decided to create the first ever show about Middle Easterns on an American network called Shahs of Sunset, and the many other shows about different cultures, they also said f–k you to racism and the people whose souls are tainted, so good riddance,” Gharachedaghi added. “And finally, why did you post and delete this video, Ms. Dodd? Did you realize your racist side came out so naturally and that it needed to be deleted?”

In response to her latest race-driven controversy, Dodd told TooFab, “This narcissist started this fight by attacking me and I still don’t know who she is. I’m mostly Mexican and nearly 30% Native American. I’m not a racist and the privileges I have are the ones I’ve earned.”

Dodd shared that she took the video down from her Instagram because she’s “sick of talking about this person and won’t anymore,” before threatening, “Come after me some more and I’ll sue you.”

Dodd continued to slam GG when she gave a statement to Page Six, “Nice of her to confirm she’s both deaf AND dumb.” 

GG then shared a screenshot of Dodd's statement and fired back. “Wow! I am in awe. To ridicule my culture by assassinating my name, is an example of racism. But to make fun of someone's physical disability is simply inhumane. On behalf of myself and all of the millions of other people suffering from the inability to hear sounds, I apologize for showing this post, but enough is enough! Let the world see what the truth is about some people. Yeah I'm nearly deaf. I read lips and wear hearing aids in both ears. And my name is Golnesa Gharachedaghi!,” she wrote.

Dodd responded to GG's racist claims by tweeting the following while sharing a photo of a t-shirt explaining the meaning of racist.

Kelly tweeted, “You need to wear this GG!! I’m Mexican who’s the racist! You came after me first !! Racist!”

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