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Crystal Kung Minkoff Clarifies Story Behind Arizona Arrest Warrant!

After Crystal Kung Minkoff played two truths and a lie during last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she shed light on one of her answers about a past encounter with the law.

The Bravo reality star addressed the topic during a recent appearance on Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s “Teddi Ted Pod” podcast, Minkoff told Mellencamp that her “lie” was getting arrested, but that wasn’t totally truthful either. (Minkoff’s two truths were that she “worked at an escort agency” and that she was “propositioned to become a madame.”)

“I actually do have a warrant for my arrest … in Arizona,” she told Mellencamp, according to Us Weekly. “I talked to the judge and he’s like, ‘Are you gonna come back here?’ I was like, ‘No.’ And he’s like, ‘Just don’t come back.’ … I can’t drive there or I’ll get arrested.”

After her appearance on Mellencamp’s podcast, a clip from the podcast went viral on social media, which Minkoff clarified the situation.

“Omg you guys are hysterical,” she began via a Twitter statement. “I’m loving all these memes about my warrant story. Unfortunately, the real story isn’t that exciting and it happened 22 years ago, but love you’re all enjoying it.”

Minkoff noted that she was at a North Arizona University graduation and ran into some issues behind the wheel.

“I drove onto campus, the campus police said it wasn’t my turn to go thru the intersection at a 4 way stop and the officer got pissed,” she wrote. “So instead of giving me a regular ticket I was cited for using my car as a weapon.”

Minkoff claimed that once she got back to Los Angeles she “got the citation in the mail” and called the judge.

“Judge thought it was absurd and said ‘do you plan on driving here again in the next 6 years?’ I said ‘no’ (I was 16 with my dad and brother in the car),” she continued. “And he replied it was such a hustle for you to come back to Arizona for a hearing to have it missed so instead just don’t come back!”

She concluded, “So there’s the story. Sorry it’s boring.”


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal