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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Confirms She’s Dating Former ‘RHOC’ Star Fernanda Rocha!

Braunwyn Windham-Burke confirms she’s officially dating fellow The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Fernanda Rocha.

“I’m dating Fernanda. The first time that we went from friends to maybe a little more — and, like, barely more — was in February,” Windham-Burke told Us Weekly.

Windham-Burke was accused of playing a role in the conclusion of Rocha’s marriage to her estranged wife, Tessa Rocha. However, the former Bravo star asserted that she had nothing to do with the pair’s January split.

“We did not start dating until a month after she filed for divorce,” Windham-Burke added.

While the couple are enjoying each other’s company, they prefer to stay away from labels.

“We can both date other people. She just got out of a marriage. We’re both in our forties,” Windham-Burke said. “You know, we really love the time we spend together. She’s amazing. She’s an amazing person, but neither one of us is rushing into labels. … We don’t need to label [the time] we spend together.”

While Fernanda’s marriage is over, Windham-Burke is still currently married to Sean Windham-Burke. 

“We don’t have any plans to divorce, not to say we won’t ever get divorced. There’s no reason to right now. Neither one of us is in a relationship that is going to lead to marriage. So for now, we don’t have any plans,” Braunwyn told Us. “It’s been about a year now. He hangs out with [Fernanda]. I mean, it’s better than that, you know?”

Braunwyn and Fernanda initially attempted to keep their romance private, but there was one moment that foiled their plans.

“I’m in Miami. I’m leaning down to kiss her and she’s like, ‘There’s a camera right there.’ I’m like, ‘There’s not,’” the mom of seven told the publication. “I said, ‘Did you post what hotel you were at? You can’t post [until you leave] to say where you were.’ Obviously, ever since those photos came out, there’ve been whisperings.”

Braunwyn came out as a lesbian in December 2020, the couple — she and her husband Sean share seven children Bella (20), Rowan (18), Jacob (15), twins Curran and Caden (8), Koa (6), and Hazel (3).

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Braunwyn Windham-Burke/Instagram; Courtesy of Fernanda Rocha/Instagram