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Alexis Bellino Admits ‘RHOC’ Didn’t Contribute To Her Divorce From Jim Bellino; Says She And Jim Were In “Therapy The Whole 14 Years” Of Their Marriage!

Alexis Bellino revealed why she doesn’t think starring on The Real Housewives of Orange County contributed to her divorce from Jim Bellino.

“I definitely don’t think our marriage would have sustained it [long-term] regardless of the show,” she told Us Weekly. “I don’t think Housewives was the reason because I had already been having feelings before Housewives that I was fighting back. I was, like, I can’t, you know, we got to work this out.”

The former Bravo reality star noted that the former spouses had issues for years outside of the show.

“We were married 14 years and then [in] therapy the whole 14 years. So that tells you something,” she explained. “And I haven’t been to one therapy session with [my fiancé] Andy [Bohn]. We haven’t had but two fights. We just were just meant to be together.”

The mother-of-three compared her dynamic with Jim to “oil and water” unlike her new relationship with Bohn, whom she describes as a “best friend” and partner.

“If [Andy and I] don’t see eye to eye, we don’t need to go to the counselor and figure it out. We just sit down and have a discussion,” she said. “Neither of us yell. Neither of us boss the other one around. We just simply talk it through. So, I don’t think that Jim and I would have made it, even if Housewives hadn’t have come about. It would have been me wanting to open my coffee shop that I’ve had a dream for, or like, you know, there’s just other things that I would have probably wanted to do that. It would’ve caused a little bit of a ruckus.”

Alexis noted that she’s “done a lot of soul searching” over the years and realized that she outgrew her relationship with Jim.

“When Jim and I met, we were exactly in alignment on the Leave it to Beaver kind of family. I wanted to be at home. He wanted me to quit my career. So, I did,” Alexis told Us Weekly. “But then when Housewives came about and the kids were getting a little bit older, I wanted something for myself again. I wanted a career again.”

The RHOC alum compared the former couple’s dynamic to that of RHONJ’s couple Melissa and Joe Gorga, whose rocky romance has been a topic of conversation during season 11 as they’ve switched roles.

“Once you’ve kind of took that agreement that, ‘OK, well, I’ll be the breadwinner. You stay home and take care of the kids.’ And then, I guess, basically if you don’t grow together in that path that’s when the hiccups really come into play,” Alexis said. “If the husband and wife don’t grow together and they stay stagnant in that one firm belief — like if someone suddenly gets enlightened and wants to change their faith — do you divorce and say, ‘Forget it,’ even though you might have [the] best friendship. Or, do you try to figure out, ‘OK, well, we don’t have to see eye to eye on that though’ [and stay together].”

Three years after ending their marriage, Alexis admitted that she and Jim are on good terms, especially when it comes to their kids.

“We still have our ups and downs, but we do have one thing that we are a 100 percent [agree] about and that’s how much we love our kids,” she told Us Weekly. “It’s definitely a work in progress, but we just try to respect each other and put our kids first.”


Photo Credit: P&P / MEGA; Shutterstock