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Scheana Shay Leaves Hospital With Newborn Daughter After HELLP Syndrome Diagnosis — See Pics Here!

Scheana Shay left the hospital with her and Brock Davies’ newborn daughter, Summer, two days after sharing her HELLP syndrome diagnosis.

Courtesy via Scheana Shay/Instagram

“Guess who gets to go home today? We do,” the Vanderpump Rules alum said on her Thursday, April 29, Instagram Story, according to Us Weekly. “Getting discharged this afternoon. Feeling so much better. Still have to monitor my condition. I’m on blood pressure medication now. Got a lot of things to look out for and some recovery, but [I’m] feeling good and get to go home.”

Courtesy via Scheana Shay/Instagram

Not only did the Bravo personality go on to film herself being wheeled through the hospital with the infant in her arms, but Davies took a video from the inside of their car.

Courtesy via Brock Davies/Instagram

“Everybody who sent us their thoughts, their prayers, their wishes, their congratulations, all of the above, your kind words didn’t go unheard,” the Aussie said from the front seat. “Amazing support. Appreciate it. Gonna head home and start the new adventure, huh honey? Well done.”

Courtesy via Scheana Shay/Instagram

The personal trainer also posted footage of his partner hanging at home with their daughter and two cats. Shay noted that one of their felines Salem seemed “very unbothered” by the newborn’s presence. “He’s getting his attention,” the reality star said. “He’s good.”

Courtesy via Scheana Shay/Instagram

Shay took via her Instagram where she posed with her daughter at their home, which she captioned, the post, "Good to be home."

Courtesy via Scheana Shay/Instagram

The Bravo reality star welcomed Summer on Monday, April 26, describing her birth in an Instagram post the following day.

“Almost 24 hours after being induced, my blood pressure was extremely elevated,” the “One More Time” singer captioned her daughter’s social media debut. “I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, which has now turned into HELLP syndrome. My doctor said I was lucky, and we caught this just in time to treat as it’s very unusual to be caught so late, in postpartum. Until this morning, I was on a magnesium drip that made me extremely lethargic and flu-like, shivering uncontrollably to the point where I felt like I was seizing. Having not caught this condition in time, that would have been likely. I am still being monitored closely for elevated liver enzymes and low blood platelets and not sure how much longer we will be here.”

Davies, who is also the father of two children from a previous relationship, praised the new mom in a post of his own. “I watched @scheana birth our beautiful baby girl with sooo much love,” the former rugby player gushed on Tuesday, April 27. “Baby girl passed her final tests today as we watched over mamma bear here in the High-Risk unit. … Baby mamma is doing great. Baby and daddy are holding down the room for mamma.”


Photo Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock; Courtesy via Scheana Shay/Instagram