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Roxy Earle Confirms She’s Officially Engaged; Says “I Wanted To Share My Happiness With All Of You”

Congrats are in order to Roxy Earle. The former Real Housewives of Toronto star took to Instagram to announce that she is officially engaged. 

The fashionista shared a clip, where she showed off her engagement ring. She captioned the post, “I’ve been keeping the most beautiful secret 💍👰🏻🦋 but in the excitement of wedding planning I wanted to share my happiness with all of you #engaged #loveinlockdown #bride”

At the moment, Roxy has not shared the identity of her fiancé. In the clip she includes the caption, “I said yes.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy via Roxy Earle/Instagram

Many of Earle's former RHOT co-stars congratulated the fashion designer in the comment section of her post.

Grego Minot wrote, “Congratulations Roxy! So happy for you! ♥️.” 

Joan Kelley Walker commented, So Wonderful!! “Congratulations!!”

RHOMelbourne star Jackie Gillies also congratulated Roxy. She wrote, “God bless you ... Can’t wait to see you in your wedding dress. 😍😍😍😍”

In May 2020, Earle confirmed that she and her then-husband, Raghu Kilambi, have called it quits. In the eight-minute video clip that she shared on Instagram, she never mentions her ex's name but explains why they decided to end their marriage. 

In the post, she captioned the video, “It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.......,” she wrote. “So here's to dancing, to loving, to falling in love, to feelings, to experiences, to losing, to growing, to evolving, to heartbeats, heartbreaks and lastly to having the courage in this crazy world to share your truth and never stop pursuing your dreams xoxo Roxy”

In the clip, Earle said, “So I think it’s time for us to have a long-overdue chat about my relationship because otherwise you are going to keep asking questions and I wanted you to know that I never had the intention of being deceitful or dishonest with you – I just have the desire to protect people around me and to protect people in my life.”

“Too many of you have followed my journey and because of that you’ll feel – a sense that you need to know what’s happening in my life, and that’s something I’m coming in terms with but I appreciate everyone who’s been along for this ride and been following my life every day – so I understand you would like some answers,” she continued.

“So a while ago, my relationship ended and I’d dealt with all that pain and all of that heartbreak on my own, privately, quietly and discretely, like I do with most things in my life. And I continue to build my business because my business is in critical stage – I had just lost my father, it was a really hard year for me and I went through it and I came out on the other side of it, happily filled with optimism about my future – I don’t hold any grudges or bitterness – I just have nothing but love, respect, and so much gratitude for my last relationship and my ex.”

“I’m really proud of myself that I got to that place and I thought if I talked about it publicly, I wouldn’t gotten to that place because I needed to deal with a lot of things privately – and I wanted to handle those things privately, out of respect for everything that we had together, so I did that and then I moved back to Toronto and I got myself an apartment, and I continue to focus on my business and I have to say – I’m really proud of myself for coming out the other side of a challenging situation with a heart full of love and I’m so excited for what’s ahead for me – I have no idea.

Roxy reveals the reason why her relationship with her husband ended. “I rather not everyone speculates why it ended – you are going to speculate anyway so might as well give you the coles notes - is that I’m ready to have a baby and by the time we gotten around to it, my ex lived in another country and was in a different place in his life – so now I’m embarking in freezing my eggs and maybe I’ll have a baby on my own one day as an independent woman, I’ll never know – I’m dating – and I’m loving dating, and who knows, maybe it will be with someone else one day and I’ll be able to have that dream of having a family of my own with babies, and all of that can come true – I just feel optimistic about the future – I feel full of joy about the fact that there’s new beginnings when you follow your heart.”

“It was a really hard decision but somewhere along the way I knew that I lost myself in following someone else’s dreams and I really have to practice what I preach,” she explained. “For me, being a mother was too big of a settling for me – it wasn’t something that I was willing to do and so – something you have to leave something to get something greater in life.”

Roxy shares that she has no regrets about her past and that she’s happy and feels like she got her “groove” back. She says she’s excited and is “ready for the future.” She adds that this is the first time that she’s single in a “very very long time” but she’s “already overwhelmed: with all the love and support. Roxy says that dating is “exciting” and “the whole thing is amazing.”

Roxy appeared in the first season of RHOT along with Ann Kaplan Mulholland, Grego Minot, Jana Webb, Joan Kelley Walker, and Kara Alloway.

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017, the series premiered on Canadian network Slice and ran for only ten episodes with no reunion special.

In June 2017, the network confirmed that the show wasn't returning for a second season. “I thought the first season was really fun, but whether we do Toronto again, or maybe even another city, I don’t know,” Barbara Williams, Programming Chief of Corus Entertainment told Toronto Star at the time. “We won’t bring it back right away in the fall. We may take a bit of a break.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy via Roxy Earle/Instagram (2)