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Ramona Singer Shares An Update On Her Relationship With Ex-Husband Mario Singer And Reveals What She’s Looking For In A Man!

Ramona Singer is sharing an update on her relationship with her ex-husband, Mario Singer, after he made an appearance in the Season 13 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New York City.

Despite quarantining with her ex and their daughter Avery last year in Florida, the Bravo reality star shuts down reports of a possible reconciliation between the two.

"I'm not attracted to him sexually anymore," she told Entertainment Tonight. "Oh, s**t! I shouldn’t say that."

"I mean, I love Mario," Ramona said. "We're very close friends. He gives me some advice, I give him advice. He welcomed me into his home for three months … so, we have a great friendship, but that train left, you know?"

The Singer Stinger also shared an update on her love life. 

"I dated but it didn't work out," she explained. "I met a man the summer before corona, and during corona we met, but I just realized he wasn't for me. He had a temper. Yeah, whatever. You know, you don't get to know someone until you get to know them."

"I'm at a stage in my life, I want a man, I don't need a man," she shared. "I don't need a man to pay me rent, I don't need a man to give me a child. I don't need a man that say I've divorced, give me money. I got it all. I have great friends, and I just want a man to be with who I really care about and cares about me. It's very difficult if you're already successful in so many ways, because now I'm looking for the hedonistic thing, you know what I mean? So I'm not going to just be with a guy just to be with a guy just because he has a few bucks and he looks good. No, he has to have it all otherwise I'm not doing it. Forget it."

As previously reported, after 27 years of marriage, Ramona filed for divorce from him in January 2014 after he was caught having an affair with Kasey Dexter.

However, Mario dated Kasey until their split in January 2018. He hit her with an eviction notice on January 26, 2018 after he allegedly caught her cheating on him via a video footage from a hidden camera in their Florida home. 


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal; Shutterstock